Cal-Minnesota Postgame Quotes

"I thought our guys played very, very hard tonight. They really played snap to whistle. It was a great effort by all three phases of the game." "They (Minnesota) were a good football team. They were a
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 09, 2006

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Sept. 9, 2006

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General comments:
"I thought our guys played very, very hard tonight. They really played snap to whistle. It was a great effort by all three phases of the game."

"They (Minnesota) were a good football team. They were a physical group and they had a good offensive line. I thought our defensive line did a nice job of stopping up the gaps and our linebackers did an excellent job of making plays."

"I thought overall, our defense played very well except for that first series."

On Nate Longshore:
"I thought Nate was fine last week. We were in a tough environment and we had some dropped balls last week. The difference was today our guys made plays, catching the football. He was really, really sharp today. I thought he did an excellent job. He read the defenses really well. I thought Nate handled the offense very well."

On Cal's personal fouls:
"We had one personal foul I was really upset with; it happened over on their sideline. We can't be undisciplined to where we throw any type of thing that looks like a punch to get somebody off of us. I was very disappointed with that."

"What they do, I can't control, but what we can do is control what we do. There wasn't a big talk about that on the sideline, what they were doing when they got called for the personal foul. Our personal fouls, we had a couple of guys playing snap-to-whistle and I didn't think it was right to call personal fouls for our guys blocking until the very end of the play."


DeSean Jackson, WR
On rebounding after last week:

"It was a good feeling, Minnesota's a good team. We had some good blocking. Nate had a lot of time back there to throw. It was good to go out there and play well and have fun. We were practicing hard all week. Today was a good day, everything felt really good."

On Longshore's game:
"Nate did a great job. He had a lot of time. He was calm, collected and he made some great reads. He gave the receivers a chance to catch the ball."

Daymeion Hughes, DB
On the many penalties:

"When you have two emotionally high teams playing each other, you can expect things like that to happen. We settled down though, and the offense played well together. We got some turnovers and the game was ours."

On his first interception:
"The defensive line was putting on a lot of pressure and they forced him to roll out and throw a pass that he didn't want to throw. You have to take advantage when the quarterback leaves the ball floating in the air like that."

On the defensive backs playing better:
"We went back to what we were taught and what got us here. We focused on tackling. Syd (Thompson) made some great tackles. Last week, his first start, I think he was a little bit overwhelmed, but he's a great player and he's going to continue to get better."

Lavelle Hawkins, WR
On his role and the receivers:

"Every receiver wants the ball. I just want to be involved a little bit. We have to keep working hard and not drop any balls. We have 10 games left, as long as we keep catching the ball, we'll be alright."

Nate Longshore, QB
On the offensive line:

"The offensive line did a great job blocking all day. We were focused all week long in practice and the offense was much more efficient and really stepped up today."


General Comments:
"We didn't play very well. Credit Cal, they made the plays and we didn't. I was pleased to only be down by 11 at halftime. Our execution was atrocious."

"When you are playing on the road and your defense is this bad, then you've got to hope that your offense picks it up. Ours didn't."

"When you play on the road against a good ball club, and Cal is a good ball club, you can't waste any opportunities."

"If you're going to play tackle football, then you have to tackle. That was our biggest mistake. We didn't get them on the ground. I can't remember when we tackled worse in a ball game."

On Minnesota's first offensive play:
"It was something we saw on the film. We knew we were going to throw it in there, we just didn't know it'd be on the first play. It worked pretty good though and then went downhill from there."

On California Football:
"They are much more like the team you saw tonight than the team you saw at Tennessee."


On missed tackles:

"That was key; the YAC (yards after the catch) yards hurt us a lot. Sometimes on third and long we would have them pinned down and they would break free."

On the game in general:

"Offensively we came out with a game plan. As far as executing, we killed ourselves with penalties, a lot of drive stoppers. You have got to give your hat off to Cal, they bounced back after a tough loss."

On the false start penalties:
"A lot of the false starts actually happened on the outside. This was the first time this season we faced crowd noise and they were louder than I expected."

On the personal fouls:
"I wouldn't say it was bad blood, it was just two teams getting physical. As far as I could see there weren't any cheap shots."

On the offense:

"When it comes down to the run not being able to do anything, I have got to make plays to give them some opportunities. I played terribly and it cost us. I think it has been two years since I played that bad."


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