Cal-Washington Postgame Quotes

"I'm real proud of our guys. There was never any quit. It was a rollercoaster, up and down, and I felt we kept our composure very well." On Marshawn Lynch: "It was such a gutsy performance by Marsha
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 21, 2006

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Oct. 21, 2006

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General Comment:
"I'm real proud of our guys. There was never any quit. It was a rollercoaster, up and down, and I felt we kept our composure very well."

On Marshawn Lynch:
"It was such a gutsy performance by Marshawn today. He put the offense on his back and to make so many plays like he did today is just a phenomenal performance."

"We don't go in with a plan on how many snaps he is going to have. I told him Justin (Forsett) would start the game and if he felt good, then he would go in after him. He was ready to go. It was just a gutsy performance."

On Desmond Bishop:
"Desmond (had a phenomenal performance as well). I think he had 16 tackles or something like that, and to be able to make that pick at the end. From my vantage point, where I was looking, it looked like that guy was open and that ball was right in there and he (Desmond) stepped right in front of it. It was just a great play."

"Desmond, I thought, had a chance to put the game away with 6 seconds to go, to knock it (the pass) down, and it just didn't happen that way so it was very fitting for him to put the icing on the cake."

On Washington's final touchdown:
"I'm real proud of the team. I didn't notice anybody quitting or giving up or anything like that. It was `Okay, we've got to go back and play some more.' Those type of plays are very demoralizing. There are 6 seconds left; it's a Hail Mary deal; they've (Cal) been playing their tails off. And something flukish like that happens."


RUNNING BACK Justin Forsett
On getting the win:

"We didn't execute in the first half. We knew they were going to be tough; it's always tough in the Pac-10. We had to play a little differently if we were going to win and execute on our assignments."

On the Cal defense:
"They kept giving us opportunities. They are one of the best defenses in the country. They're so underrated because of our offense, but we practice with them every week in practice. They're a tough bunch."

On the feeling after the game:

"This was one to remember. I will remember this game for the rest of my life. I was proud of our guys for how they hung in there and stuck it out."

On winning a close game:
"This was a great experience for our team. To be down and fight back is real special for us. It was a good test to see how tough we are."

DEFENSIVE BACK Daymeion Hughes
On the Washington touchdown at the end of regulation:

"You try not to practice that too much because you don't want anybody to get hurt. You try to get the ball down, but there's always somebody in the back coming in. He made a great play to catch it; there wasn't much we could do. I was just happy we made that two-point conversion. We were confident that we would play well in overtime."

RUNNING BACK Marshawn Lynch
On giving the team a lift:

"The start of the game was where we got lifted. My man (Forsett) took the first snaps. I give big ups to Justin for getting me through today and through practice because that's where it starts. That's how we got through this game, from all of the hard days at practice."


General comments:
"Carl Bonnell did some very good things for us in this football game."

"We played a good football team today and I think you could say that we played them toe-to-toe. We just didn't win."

On California quarterback Nate Longshore:
"I think he did a good job and played a good game. We think he does a good job protecting the football and really has the ability to be explosive."

On playing close games at both USC and California:
"They were both very good football teams and each day we played them we went toe-to-toe with both of them."


On the Last Play of Regulation, a Hail-Mary TD

"It was desperation. Everybody's going deep and hope a guy can come up with the ball, and that's what happened. I scrambled a little bit and threw it up in the air. I didn't know who actually even caught that ball, but I'm thankful they did."

On Cal's Secondary
"They've got a great secondary, some of the best in the country, and they made some plays today."

On UW's Offensive Line and Overall Performance
"Our line picked up pretty much everything they brought at us. We did what we came here to do, just didn't score enough points. We fought hard, but we had too many turnovers."

On Carl Bonnell's Performance at QB

"He played well. I thought he led us. He was very poised in the pocket, he made some good decisions and I thought he did a good job."

On What the Team Can Take from This Game
"You try to correct the things you didn't do. Obviously in this game, we didn't finish. I'm pretty sure Coach Willingham will focus on that next week."

On UW's Ground Game and Not Yielding a Sack vs. Cal
I think we did a really good job. Their D-line is exceptional--they have an All-American there [Brandon Mebane], I was going against him all day--and I think as an offensive line we did a good job. I think we did a really good job controlling the line."

On Catching the Hail Mary at End of Regulation

"I was shocked that I actually caught it and just had to dive to get it over and take it into overtime. It feels good to catch it and score my first touchdown, but it didn't end the way we wanted it to."


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