Andre Carter Talks About Decision To Stay At Cal
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  12/17/1999

Dec. 17, 1999

BERKELEY, Calif. - Before Friday's Press Conference, Cal Associate Athletic Director Kevin Reneau sat down with Andre Carter and did a brief interview about his decision whether to stay at Cal for his senior season or enter the NFL Draft. Below are excerpts from that interview.

RENEAU: OK, Big Fella, What's the decision you're going to announce.

ANDRE: I'm going to announce that I decided to stay for my senior year here at the University of California.

RENEAU: Well, that will make a lot of Cal fans happy. When did you make the final decision.

ANDRE: After the Big Game, my dad and I talked about the pros and cons of staying or leaving, and the opportunities I had in the NFL. I have some goals here at Cal that I haven't fulfilled and I wanted to stay and see them through. My heart was always that I wanted to stay here and have my senior year with my teammates. So it was a gradual process rather than a sudden decision.

RENEAU: What did you find out about where you rank in NFL eyes?

ANDRE: There's no specific ranking, because everybody has different opinions. They definitely ranked me behind Courtney Brown of Penn State. He's a senior and I'm only a junior, so that's also one reason why I want to come back and see if I can be the No. 1 guy coming into the draft. Most of the people we talked to had be as one of the top three or four defensive ends in the draft this year. Like I said, I'd like to be No. 1.

RENEAU: You talk about some goals, can you be specific about your goals for next year.

ANDRE: Team wise, I want to go to a bowl game. Ever since my senior year in high school when we lost in the championship game, I've wanted to get to a bowl game and come away with a victory. That's what I want to accomplish next year. I also have always wanted to be a first team All-American and be a contender for the Outland Trophy award. Those are my goals for 2000.

RENEAU: What did you weigh at the end of the season and where do you see yourself next fall.

ANDRE: I weighed between 250 and 255 pounds most of the season. When I came here, I was about 238 pounds and I've gradually put on weight. Each pound is harder and harder to put on, because of my metabolism. But, I can see myself at 260 pounds next fall. The main thing is remaining strong.

RENEAU: Are you nervous about injuries?

ANDRE: I've been pretty fortunate about injuries. I just go out there and play and don't worry about those things. If something happens, it happens. That's also fits into one of the reasons I'm coming back here to Cal. I want to get my degree in American Studies with an emphasis on Business. Education is very important to me and I want to get my degree so I'm prepared for life without football.

RENEAU: Have you been active in the recruiting process and how is that progressing?

ANDRE: I've been hosting prospects the last three weeks and that seems to be going very well. We have some talented receivers that have visited and I feel very confident that we're going to get some good ones who can give our offense a boost.

RENEAU: Are you happy with your decision or is there any chance you could later change your mind?

ANDRE: This is my final decision and I'm happy with it. I'm sticking with it. That's final. Getting bigger, faster, stronger and helping the team have a successful season.