No. 3t Bears Repeat as Windermere Champions
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  03/29/2004

March 29, 2004

The No. 3t Bears went undefeated for the second straight year to win the Windermere Crew Classic. The varsity eight, second varsity eight and freshman eight all came away from Redwood Shores unscathed, but it did not come easy.

In the most anticipated, and closest, race of the regatta, the varsity eight was victorious, beating No. 3t Princeton by two seconds. The two No. 3 teams battled throughout the entire race with Cal holding a small lead for most of it. The Tigers made a strong effort at the end, but the Bears were able to hold them off for the win.

The second varsity eight had its hands full with Princeton as well, only winning by 3 seconds. The other races were not as close, as they were victorious over both Yale and North Carolina by 12 seconds.

The freshman eight dominated all its races, winning by an average of 13 seconds. The Bears beat Sacramento State by 20 seconds, Stanford by nine seconds and Pennsylvania by 11 seconds.

This week the Bears will head to San Diego to race some of the best crews in the country at the 31st annual San Diego Crew Classic.

Saturday morning
1. California     5:50.32
2. Yale           5:53.05

2V8 1. California 5:55.44 2. Yale 6:07.24

F8 1. California 5:52.91 2. Stanford 6:03.01

Saturday afternoon V8 1. California 5:48.80 2. Pennsylvania 6:05.40

2V8 1. California 6:06.80 2. North Carolina 6:18.99

F8 1. California 6:02.60 2. Pennsylvania 6:13.04

Sunday morning V8 1. California 5:38.80 2. Princeton 5:40.47

2V8 1. California 5:55.80 2. Princeton 5:58.60

F8 1. California 5:47.90 2. Sacramento St. 6:07.46