Quotes from Tom Holmoe's Media Luncheon

Below are selected quotes from head football coach Tom Holmoe from his weekly media luncheon. The Bears visit Arizona State this Saturday in Tempe. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. and the game will be televis
By Cal Athletics on Tue, October 03, 2000

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Oct. 3, 2000

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    BERKELEY - Below are selected quotes from head football coach Tom Holmoe from his weekly media luncheon. The Bears visit Arizona State this Saturday in Tempe. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. and the game will be televised on Fox Sports Net.

    General comments:

    "It (Washington State) was obviously a hard game to lose. When you look back at the game and at the film, we did some pretty good things, but the one thing that was really tough was the punt team. We saw the reasons why that happened and tried to correct those and I think we have. It's unfortunate that we gave so many points away in such short fields for our defense. But I'm happy with the way that the offensive run game has picked up. Every game we've added a few new wrinkles, and it looks like they've gotten better despite a few injuries. I think one of the positive notes for this week, injury-wise, is that (offensive guards) Brandon Ludwig and David Hays will begin to practice today. I'd say that they'll probably be questionable for this game, although it's possible that either or both of them could get a couple of plays. So that's a positive that will help us considering Langston Walker is going to be out for the year with the surgery on his ankle and Robert Truhitte is not looking like he'll return either with the injury to his ankle."

    Looking ahead to Arizona State:

    "Arizona State is coming off a Pac-10 loss, as we are, and they are looking to get themselves right, as we are. We feel that we can still win games. That's what we have to do - we have to find a way to win. In our last three losses, we've had a chance to win all three of the games. This tends to look a whole lot worse and get amplified quite a bit when you lose. Despite some poor performances from some individual units, we weren't that far away from winning those games. So we are looking forward to a game where it comes together, where we don't have break downs, like in the punt team, without some of the offensive troubles that we've had and fixing a few things on defense that we can correct. When we put that together, I think we'll be team that can win some games. Once you get that going on your side and get rid of some of that negativism that's surrounding you, I think we're going to turn it around and win some games."

    On opening up the offense:

    "We're not as good as we want to be on the offensive line. If every run we had produced five yards, we'd be really good. We're not hitting on all cylinders on every run. I think if we can expand the yardage and the completions that we get with the pass game, then that will open up the offense. A lot of these yards that the guys are getting with the run game are hard-earned yards because people are packing it in a bit now. We've got to expand now and open it up in the secondary, and if we can do that, it will complement the run game."

    On the special teams unit:

    "I think the problem has mainly been with our punt team. You want to be more solid and complete as a special teams unit. It seems like the teams that are really good are good on all of them. That's really four miscues on the season, we had one returned for a touchdown (vs. Utah), a bad snap, a dropped ball and the block (against WSU). That's no good. It kind of eliminates all the good that we've done on that team. Outside of this game, that punt team has probably been our best unit. They've done a terrific job downing punts inside the 20, but they've had some major breakdowns. The three things that happened in this game had nothing to do with the time (of Harris getting the kick off) at all. It's just that one time he dropped it, one time it rolled back to him and the other time no one blocked a guy that came Scott-free."


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