Cal Places 18 Athletes on Pac-10 All-Academic Team
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  06/07/2007

June 7, 2007

BERKELEY, Calif. - California had 18 members of its men's rowing team honored with the announcement of the 2007 Pac-10 All-Academic squad.

The Golden Bears feature six rowers on the first team, 12 rowers on the second team.

Earning first-team accolades are Morgan Allen, a senior majoring in classical civilizations; Andre Bastos, a senior majoring in cognitive science; T.J. Grossman, a sophomore; Marko Knezevic, a senior majoring in geography; Marko Marjanovic, a junior majoring in political economics of industrial society; and Kenneth Valkenier, a sophomore.

Below is a complete list of the 2007 Pac-10 All-Academic team.

First Team               Yr.  GPA   Major
Morgan Allen, CAL        Sr.  3.22  Classical Civilizations
Dan Armitage, OSU        Jr.  3.32  Nutrition & food Management
Andre Bastos, CAL        Sr.  3.61  Cognitive Science
Kevin Baum, STAN         Sr.  3.48  Human Biology
Alex Blaseio, UCLA       So.  3.76  Neuroscience
Justin Brown, STAN       Sr.  3.32  Management Science Engineering
Emily Chin,USC           Sr.  3.62  English
Lindsay Conners, OSU     Sr.  3.60  History
Aljosa Corovic, WASH     Sr.  3.34  Business Administration
Dave Creighton, STAN     Jr.  3.29  Human Biology
Derek DeVries, WASH      Jr.  3.20  Pre-Health Sciences
George Dirth, OSU        Jr.  3.27  Computer Science
Adam Fish, USC           Jr.  3.57  Biology
Theodore Grossman, CAL   So.  3.51  Undeclared
Will Gustafson, OSU      Jr.  3.44  Exercise & Sport Science
Jeff Halleck, OSU        Jr.  3.79  Biology
Kristian Kanya, UCLA     So.  3.42  Political Science
Marko Knezevic, CAL      Sr.  3.20  Geography
Jonathan MacMillan, USC  Sr.  3.70  English (Creative Writing)
Marko Marjanovic, CAL    Jr.  3.02  Political Economics of Industrial Societies
Lee McAuliffe, USC       Jr.  3.76  Geography
Mark Murphy, STAN        So.  3.60  Undeclared
Lowell Neal, WASH        So.  3.38  Pre-Engineering
Martin Reschke, UCLA     So.  3.40  English and History
Donny Simkin, STAN       Sr.  3.42  English
Silas Stafford, STAN     Jr.  3.65  Geological & Environmental Science
Megan Teaford, OSU       Jr.  3.60  History
Kenneth Valkenier, CAL   So.  3.50  Undeclared
David VanBolt, WASH      So.  3.43  Pre-Social Science
Justin Wagner, OSU       Jr.  3.99  Biology
Andy Winters, WSU        So.  3.82  Mathematics
Jon Young, OSU           So.  3.82  Pre-Housing

Second Team Yr. GPA Major Andrew Beaton, WASH Jr. 3.18 Economics Peter Carlson, WASH So. 3.34 Pre-Science Toby Dankbaar, WASH Jr. 3.12 Psychology Ariel Dixon, STAN So. 3.14 Undeclared Mitchell Haines, CAL So. 3.06 Undeclared Michael Holbrook, CAL Sr. 3.14 Operations Research & Management Science Justin Ishida, CAL Sr. 3.05 Environmental Sciences Dustin Kraus, WASH Sr. 3.05 English Gregory Mason, CAL Jr. 3.19 Undeclared Jarrod McClendon, CAL So. 3.09 Undeclared David Naughton, CAL Jr. 3.02 Undeclared Alan Oriard, WASH Sr. 3.10 Construction Management Alex Osborne, STAN So. 3.27 Undeclared Michael Porter, CAL So. 3.05 Mechanical Engineering Nate Rooks, STAN Sr. 3.13 Human Biology Geoffrey Roth, CAL So. 3.38 Undeclared Sebastian Scheiter, CAL So. 3.22 Political Economics of Industrial Societies Thomas Sproats, CAL Jr. 3.14 Undeclared Axel Stelter, CAL So. 3.27 Undeclared Courtney Wilkinson, CAL Jr. 3.18 English