Cal-Colorado State Postgame Quotes

"I thought our defense, for the most part, played well. We gave up some big plays. Offensively, we had opportunities that we squandered away. We had too many negative plays today, whether they were sa
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 06, 2003

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Sept. 6, 2003

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California head coach Jeff Tedford

General Comments:
"I thought our defense, for the most part, played well. We gave up some big plays. Offensively, we had opportunities that we squandered away. We had too many negative plays today, whether they were sacks or losses behind the line of scrimmage."

"We didn't come up with enough big stops. We let them (Colorado State) drive the length of the field a couple of times. Offensively, we weren't consistent enough in moving the ball and keeping their offense off the field. We didn't take advantage of our opportunities."

On Cal's running game:
"We talked about being more patient with the running game. I felt like we were making a little bit of progress with the running game, but maybe we abandoned it too quick and maybe didn't run it enough."

On Bradlee Van Pelt:
"He didn't run the ball against us. He didn't hurt us running the football. He had a couple of good runs. He is an excellent player. I thought our defense did a nice job of stringing out the option and not letting him run. I think most of his yards came on quarterback draws where they had it spread out and either designed quarterback draws or just scrambled. He's a very good player."

On Aaron Rodgers not playing:
"We felt like coming out after halftime, we had a fairly good drive and then bogged down. We felt like in a tight game like that, Reggie (Robertson) had a little better understanding of what we were doing. We talked about it (playing Aaron Rodgers) and we were going to give Reggie one more series. But then we scored. It had nothing to do with anything Aaron had done or hasn't done. Reggie has a bit more experience and we felt we would be better off with him in a tight football game like that coming down the stretch."

California Players

WR Vincent Strang
On his touchdown:
"I was just trying to work the middle of the field. Reggie threw a great ball. We made eye contact which is very rare being 5'8" but he threw a nice little floater out there which hit me right between the 8 and the 5. There was a lot of excitement and energy today, and the crowd loved it."

On CSU's interception:
"The guy came out of nowhere. He made a good play on the ball. It was really disappointing but you have to deal with the highs and lows."

WR Geoff McArthur
"Everyone was counting on me to make the catch and I believe in myself. I dropped a couple of passes earlier in the game but you have to bounce back and not get your head down."

SAF Matt Giordano
On CSU's 4th & 2 conversion late in the game:
"We knew it was coming. You get involved in the game and you want to make a big play. It only takes one play, and they showed it. If we lose focus for one play, a big play could happen."

On Bradlee Van Pelt:
"He's a good quarterback. I believe we also have good quarterbacks. It's a good experience to go against a guy like Van Pelt. He's an all-around quarterback. He's very dangerous when he tucks it and goes, but he also has a good arm."

Colorado State head coach Sonny Lubick

General comments
"I'm proud of our team. It's good to come away with a victory. We played well enough to win. I felt like we had control when we were up 20-7, but those two turnovers cost us a bit. Our special teams really came through. We had a nice throw on fourth-and-two to get the ball down there (for the game winning field goal)."

"We really came out of this with some positives. Everybody - it was a really good team victory."

"I was thinking it would be bad if we lose it (the game). We played well on defense. The offense moved the ball here and there."

On QB Bradlee Van Pelt
"It's indicative of the way he's played all year. He played well. He's a tough guy. He's pretty good and strong, even though he did lose that one (fumble)."

On the defense
"Today they worked really hard. I think they had a nice wake up call. They nickel and dimed us early, but our guys stepped up and made some plays."

On the importance of the victory
"It was huge to come off a game like last week, against a Pac-10 football team that's playing well, and we played like gangbusters. It was a whole team victory, but the defense - I'm especially proud of them. It was big to show the type of guys we have and where our program is."

On placekicker Jeff Babcock
"I felt pretty good about him for a 30-35 yard field goal. He's a tough guy. He stepped right up there and nailed it. I never think it's a easy as the rest of the bench does."

Colorado State Players

PK Jeff Babcock
"It was the first time I've ever hit a game winning kick. I was pretty nervous - the rest of the team was more nervous than I was though. They were probably nervous for both kicks not just the last one. Most of the freshmen and newcomers have never seen me kick."

On what was going through his mind
"I was remembering last weeks game, and how I had two key mistakes last week that cost us the game. I really did not want to hop on the plane with the rest of the team if I would have missed this one."

David Andersen
On playing against the Pac -10
"Coming out to California and getting our first win of the year is big. A lot of our players are from California so it was good to be here. Cal is a good team they are always tough coming out of the Pac - 10, you know you always want to beat the big conference teams. This win is huge - it was a fun game."

On returning kicks
"I was scared on the first punt return. I was able to make one good play, however. I was just looking for ball security when I was fielding punts. We have confidence in our offense that we can move the ball and so I was not trying to do too much."

On penalties
"We are going to clean up those penalties and we'll have a good rest of the season."

QB Bradlee Van Pelt
On importance of win
"We have been in this position before. We have made tough plays and tough catches whenever we seem to need them. I think we needed a win to start our home schedule next week. I think it would have been hard to come away with two losses, to start out the season, especially when you are playing well - I think a lot of the young guys would have wanted to throw in the towel if we would have lost this one.

"I am just glad we were able to get over the hump."

On fumble and comeback
"I made a stupid play and I felt that I owed it to the team to drive us down and bring us back."

On fourth down play
"I had faith that one of our players would be open. They made a commitment to stop the run all day, putting eight in the box, so I felt that if we made a good fake that someone would be open."


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