Cal-Stanford Postgame Quotes

"This was obviously a very difficult game to lose, especially in the way in which we did. I was very disappointed we did the things we did on the punt team. To give up two blocked punts that lead to s
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 18, 2000

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Nov. 18, 2000

Cal head coach Tom Holmoe

General comments on the game

"This was obviously a very difficult game to lose, especially in the way in which we did. I was very disappointed we did the things we did on the punt team. To give up two blocked punts that lead to scores, one touchdown and one field goal- it's hard to do that and give away those plays in a big game. Those are turnovers, just like interceptions and fumbles, and if you add all of those up, it was probably 6 or 7, which is way too many."

"Our guys fought back, they were pretty valiant. It was a great comeback, to come back and hang in there. But they made a great play in overtime and we couldn't get on the board. It's difficult when you are up first and you don't score and the other team has an opportunity to basically kick a field goal from right where they are."

On the blocked punts:

"Today, the first two punts, the snap rolled back and we felt we had to make a change. We changed the snapper and the first time he was in there, it was all right. The second time, we missed an assignment inside and it cost us dearly. It's too bad that we had to make a change the last game of the season in that position because it's a critical, critical position."

On Kyle Boller:

"Kyle threw some balls up that were probably not the wisest throws to make. He tried to go for it a couple of times and the ball bounced around and he threw a couple of interceptions. They (Stanford) put some good pressure on us and caused him to make those plays. He had some nice ones, but he's got to be able to even out his game and know not to have to throw those balls down the field that pretty much look like they're up for grabs. Even though we have a 50-50 chance of making some of those, we didn't make them and they did."

Cal Player Quotes

Joe Igber, RB

General comments:

"We fought hard, but we just didn't come up with the win."

On the last touchdown in regulation:

"I think it was a draw, I was just trying to do whatever I could for us to score."

On QB Kyle Boller and the interceptions:

"He's just trying to make a play. If I was in his shoes, I'd do the same thing, I'd try to make big plays to the receivers."

Jacob Waasdorp, NT

General comments:

"I'm proud of the guys and the way we came together as a team. I'm proud of them."

On his career at Cal:

"It's an experience of a lifetime. The best university in the world and a team that I wouldn't trade anything for."

Kyle Boller, QB

General comments:

"Four turnovers, you can't expect to win a game like that. It gets frustrating because we would go down the first drive (and score) and then we can't do anything else after that."

"They're (Stanford) a good football team, but our offensive line did a good job."

On losing in OT:

"It's hard, it's a big game, to come that close and to not be able to win, it was frustrating."

Nnamdi Asomugha, FS

On the seniors:

"It was hard for us to talk to the seniors (after the game). We talked last night about how we had to do it for them."

On the mood of the locker room after the loss:

"Same thing as other losses in the season, but it was the last game of the season, last game for a lot of players so yeah, it hurt."

Stanford head coach Tyrone Willingham:

General comments

"We had a belief in the character of our young men. We refused to believe anything but success for them."

"I was very impressed with Cal before we even kicked the ball off. They're a heck of a football team. It was a great match. I'm not old enough to know all the history of the Big Game, so I can't tell you where this ranks in all Big Games, but it's got to rank right up there. Every Big Game has had tremendous drama and goes down to the wire, except for one or two. That's just the way the Big Game is."

"The University of California should be saluted. They played a fantastic football game. We were very fortunate that our defense stepped up and our offense seized the moment. It's a game of ebbs and flows. In the third quarter, we were not making plays and they got back in it, but you've got to expect that in this game. You just hope that eventually you come out winners."

"Honestly, we've been lucky. We've been able to step up and make plays at the right time. I'm not saying it isn't coaching or players making plays, but the ball doesn't always bounce back up to you."

On overtime strategy

"Once they missed the field goal, you have the opportunity to go for a score or get in position to get a field goal. We feel like it's always better to know what you have to do. That way, you can make informed decisions."

On the game winning pass play

"We've been prepping for the right plays at the right time. Sometimes it's good to go in the stadium, close the doors and work on one."

On winning six consecutive Big Games

"I think it's a heck of a deal. It's a chance for our senior class to be a part of the history of this game. That's something special. Only one other team has that. Our seniors did a great job retaining their poise and leadership."

"At some point, we will have to lose this game, but it didn't have to be this year."

On blocking two Cal punts

"There was nothing really schematic about our approach to blocking punts. We felt like we'd have the timing to block punts. We figured with the pressure we had, eventually we'd get to him."

On Cal DE Andre Carter

"He's a great football player. They're not limited to Andre Carter. They have several good defensive players, but he's a standout."

Stanford Player Quotes

ILB Coy Wire ~

General comments:

"I have a lot of respect for Cal. They played hard down the wire. We stepped up and made some big plays when we needed to."

FB Casey Moore ~

General comments:

"The defense did a great job today and special teams came up big. It was a tough day on the offense, but you can't say that much because it's a win."

On his game-winning touchdown:

"I didn't think that I'd be that wide open. I expected a linebacker to step up. I just watched it come into my hands. I came through the b-gap and there was no one there.

On the game-winning play:

"I think this is the first time we ran it this year. It's basically a fake iso-run."

On his second big play in two Big Games:

"No words can express it, coming up with two big plays in two years."

On the Cal defense:

"The defense played really well out there for them. They basically shut our run game down. They really put their hearts out there and played a tough game."

WR Luke Powell ~

On his touchdown:

"I was just fortunate enough to have open grass. He had an angle on me. Either he thought I was out of bounds or thought I would go out."

"It was a short route and I was able to get behind the corner. I accelerated and after the safety went by there was nobody between me and the goal line. I was looking back to see if the official was going to signal a touchdown or that I stepped out. I expected to be pushed out of bounds."

On next season:

"We've already set some high goals for next year and we expect to meet all of them."

FS/SS Colin Branch ~

On the first blocked punt:

"We think there are weaknesses in every punt team's scheme. We knew he (Nick Harris) took quite a bit of time. We maximized what we could do and put him in a bad position by moving people around on our line."


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