Cal-BYU Post-game Quotes

"This was a good BYU football team and we knew that going in. In the first quarter of the game, our guys played very well. They moved the ball well on offense and played inspired defense. We kind of h
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 08, 2001

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Sept. 8, 2001

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Cal head coach Tom Holmoe

General comments on the game

"This was a good BYU football team and we knew that going in. In the first quarter of the game, our guys played very well. They moved the ball well on offense and played inspired defense. We kind of have this bug, and the same thing hit us last year, where 'boom,' all of a sudden we have turnovers that we just don't respond very favorably to. I told the team afterwards that we're going to continue to get better. We're not anywhere near where we need to be. But against a team like BYU, you cannot give them the ball."

"We have to learn to be mentally tougher to respond to negative things. I think at (the end of the first half) some of the guys, instead of straightening up wondered what was gong on. We had some guys that played a little bit better than last week, but not enough guys."

"I have to give credit where credit is due. BYU is very good. They come at you in all directions. They have a couple of players who are really terrific and I expect them to have a very good season."

"I think that our players that have been on the field in the past and have been strong and stood up haven't been in unison. We haven't had that unity that we've looked for on defense. It's pretty apparent that Andre Carter and Jacob Waasdorp were pretty big factors and we miss those two guys a lot. We knew we'd miss them in ability, but (we also miss them) in the spirit they possess. Is it going to be over? No. We'll find a way to win."

"I can't be angry with theses guys. It's a team thing and as a coach and players, we have to figure it out together. The players are angry at themselves. We can't be setting our sides against each other. We have to look ahead to positive days."

Cal Player Quotes

Kyle Boller, Quarterback

On the loss:

"We can't get down, we can't go in the tank. We need to come in tomorrow, watch tape, and get better. We need to be competitors. It can't all go the way we want it to."

On the turnovers:

"We can't not put the ball in the end-zone, we can't blow opportunities, and we can't turn the ball over and win."

Tully Banta-Cain, Defensive End

On the defensive line play:

"The main thing is our takeoff. This week, it wasn't as bad as last week. We had lots of opportunities that we didn't take advantage of. This game is a game of seconds, a game of inches. We weren't getting that extra half-second. We need to eliminate that extra time. We're taking to long to get [in the opposing team's backfield]. A split second more on the pass rush will make the difference."

On the difference of the line play between last week and this week:

"We tried some new things. We did some spin moves, some twists and some new line movement. It just comes down to making the play."

Joe Igber, Tailback

On his injury:

"It's just an [ankle] sprain. It's not a major injury. I should play next week."

On the turnovers:

"We're beating ourselves right now. I don't know what to do to stop turning the ball over. Guys aren't doing it on purpose, I know I didn't fumble on purpose. A quick fix for us would be to stop turning the ball over."

BYU Coach Gary Crowton

General comments:

"I wasn't nervous, just anxious. Our guys wanted to do well. I felt like once we scored the first time, we'd settle down and that's what happened."

"It's a long season. We have ten games left. We'll have adversity. We just have to keep overcoming that adversity. Our guys want to score on every play. I know that's not gonna happen."

On BYU QB Brandon Doman

"He's a good player. He works hard. He's tough, mobile. He's a smart player."

Comparing Doman to former BYU star Steve Young

"Steve Young was a great player. I don't want to compare the two right now. We'll see after he's (Doman) done."

On the end of the first half

"We could have sat on it at the end of the second quarter, but we decided to go for it. Our guys did a great job making plays."

"Cal's defense in general...their defense is designed to double up some guys and man others. They don't account for the quarterback either. I was a little nervous we were gonna have a big play and no points."

On the fake punt

"I felt like it was a close game and that they didn't expect it. I just had to have the guts to call it. It wasn't the toughest call I've had to make, but it was the first unexpected one."

"I made the decision before the game that if it came up, I had to go for it. I knew it was a big game."

BYU Player Quotes

QB Brandon Doman

General comments:

"I think we have a good team. We were prepared well. It's just a matter of doing it on the field. We played very sound and I feel very confident in my teammates and what we are doing."

On BYU's slow offensive start:

"It was good for us. It was an eye opener that made us buckle down. Now that the game is over, I'm glad it happened."

C Jason Scukanec

"Our goal is to not give up any sacks. We knew what they were doing scheme-wise. They were well prepared and well coached and we only had to change our plays a bit. As far as pass protection, they didn't do anything we didn't expect. Run-wise, they thew in a couple of things that were different. They took away our cutbacks and that hurt our running game at the beginning."

FB Brian McDonald-Ashford

General comments:

"With the great leadership we got from our o-line and our quarterback, we just kept going."

On his touchdown with time expiring:

"I knew I was going to get in the endzone. I wasn't even looking at the clock."

On next week's game at Mississippi State:

"I can't wait. I practiced through the whole off-season thinking of that game. They got us pretty good last year and so we just want to take it to them."


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