Training Camp Practice 2 - Photo Gallery And Post-Practice Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  08/08/2009

Aug. 8, 2009

Training Camp Practice 2 - Photo Gallery

BERKELEY - The California football team conducted its second practice of 2009 training camp at Memorial Stadium on Saturday and was on hand to take a few photos and hear what head coach Jeff Tedford had to say when he addressed the media following the workout. Following are selected comments.

On the team having more experience at receiver
"They play fast; especially right now because they have been in situations. The more repetitions you get the more situations you get into, and the more comfortable you are with them. Guys being on the same page and those types of things. Right now, we're able to practice at a certain speed because people know what they're doing and they're experienced, rather than last year when people they were pretty tentative just trying to figure out what they're doing."

On the receivers' physical skills
"They're all pretty physically skilled, but everyone's going to improve with work. Is it `have they improved?' Yeah, they've improved, but that doesn't mean we don't need to continue to improve. We need to continue to improve each day."

On the team's depth chart having Marvin (Jones) and Nyan (Boateng) listed as the team's starters at wide receiver
"It doesn't mean anything. I mean what does that mean? They're just the guys lining up first, that's it. Somebody's got to break the huddle."

On how many receivers will be in the mix for starting spots
"Probably seven."

On having Mike Tepper back on the offensive line
"That's huge. Not only is he gifted, but he's very smart. His communication level is there. He's very poised. There's no question his leadership up front can help and does help."

On consistency
"That's the key. We can't be up and down with certain things. We need to practice every day at a high level. There's not one day you do it because it's the first day, and everybody's excited so you practice with great intensity, and then the next day you take it easy. Consistency is the key."

On Verran Tucker's chance to be a starting wide receiver
"He's in the mix, but he's behind those other guys."

On his impressions of the team's 11-on-11 action in Saturday's practice
"You can't make an evaluation and an assessment in shorts and helmets, so it's just ridiculous to comment on it. It's not real football. I'm happy with the way my people are moving, and we're not having many mental mistakes for the second day, which is good. But you can't really tell until they're able to really play."

On whether not having a second regular punter on the roster a concern
"Today it is, but by the end of camp hopefully it's not. I'm hoping that David (Seawright) will be that guy. He's punted all summer. Actually, I've seen him punt in pre-practice and he can punt. But he has to be more consistent. It all starts with his catch and his snap, and things like that."

On the kickers' performance in Saturday's practice
"I'm pretty happy with all of three (Vince D'Amato, David Seawright, Giorgio Tavecchio) of them. We're going to start rotating Vince in with the number one holder and snapper as well. I was pleased with the way he kicked the ball, and I was also pleased with the way David and Giorgio kicked the ball."

On Vince D'Amato's motion
"I didn't study it today. I was looking at some other things. I was just watching the ball flight and things like that. I wasn't studying him. I was more concentrated on the holders today."