Cal-Oregon Postgame Quotes

"That is a great team; it can really get away from you in a hurry when they get rolling. I thought we did a pretty good job containing the run, for the most part. They made some huge plays in the pass
By Cal Athletics on Sun, November 11, 2012

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Nov. 11, 2012

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On the change after the first interception:
"That is a great team; it can really get away from you in a hurry when they get rolling. I thought we did a pretty good job containing the run, for the most part. They made some huge plays in the pass game, which cost us. We played hard, going into the second half scoring and stopping them; but they can get away from you in a hurry if you are not careful. We hadn't turned the football over yet. We had some costly penalties in the red-zone that backed us up; one of them we overcame, and one we didn't."

On QB Allan Bridgford:
"I thought Allan did a good job. For starting against that team, he managed it well. He kept his composure; He didn't panic. He tried to put some balls in places; he threw on time and anticipated. On a couple of them, the timing was a little ahead - on both of the picks. He was trying to make something happen, because we needed to make something happen."

On Cal's defense, prior to the first interception:
"They did well, especially in the run game. After watching what [Oregon] did against USC last week, our guys did a nice job. There were some big plays in the pass game that we let get away. Their quarterback [Marcus Mariota] made some nice plays with his legs, as he does. He is very fast; you have to pick your poison with them. If you get in there to stop the run, you are covering really fast guys down the field."

On the result of the game:
"It is very disappointing. We were playing well when we came out and stopped them the first series (of the second half), and came down the field and scored. It was a very tight game, and everything was very competitive. As they do, in the second half, they made a lot of big plays. Their big plays tonight came in the pass game."

On RB Isi Sofele:
"I thought Isi ran really well. He ran hard and hit the holes hard. The offensive line did a nice job sustaining some blocks to give him creases. We have been playing three backs, so obviously he isn't going to have the numbers he had last year. He is a tough player, a hard nose player. I thought he played really well tonight."


Chris McCain, LB
On stopping Oregon's running game:
"The run wasn't a big factor today. It was just passing. A lot of guys were gassed out there today. Running-wise I felt like we executed well today. Normally Oregon backs break for 75 yard runs, but it wasn't happening today. I felt like defensively we did pretty well to stop their run, but the passes got to us."

On Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota:
"He was pretty good. He was fast. He got the ball out quick. We had a couple of coverages blown. We felt like we had the right call in all game. We could have won this game."

On the difference between this year and last year against the run vs. Oregon:
"The game was slower than last year when Oregon did it just because of the scheme we had. Oregon likes to do the zone reads and cut it real tight off the tackle. Every play we had somebody in the C-gap so they had to bounce the ball outside. Ninety percent of the game there was nowhere for the back to go, and they had to push it outside. They did what we wanted them to do."

Allan Bridgford, QB
On the outcome of the game:
"We were right there with them in the first half. I missed two chances to capitalize and score. We were in the red zone and got a penalty on one and the other. We missed a field goal and made a field goal. That put us in a hole a bit. We were right there with them. We thought at halftime that we could win the game. We had our chances [but] we beat ourselves."

On what needs to be improved:
"We just need to get more first downs, complete more balls and make more plays overall. Oregon made more plays than us today."

On the running game and Isi Sofele:
"We were running the ball really well. We started getting down a bit but we wanted to stick with the run because it worked so well. That's the tough thing about playing Oregon. If you don't score, they can get ahead. Isi [Sofele] had an awesome game. That one drive we did three plays in a row and scored a touchdown. He must have gotten 70 yards on that drive."


On staying poised throughout the game:
"They did. I thought Marcus played outstanding. When you've got the guy pulling the trigger that's got his sense of not to rush things, take what they give you. You've got to poke and prod a little bit. They did a decent job early against us, but I thought he really made some plays in the end, and that was a huge help for us on the offensive side of the ball."

On Cal's defense at the beginning of the game:
"I thought going in they had a really good front. Chris McCain is an outstanding outside linebacker. It wasn't going to be a walk in here--you've got to earn it, and that's what we talked to our guys about: playing four quarters and that's what I thought we did."

On the offensive line's work tonight:
"They were doing some things coverage-wise and trying to make sure that the ball got funneled to some people, but if they were doing that they weren't really rushing the quarterback, so we felt like we could take some shots against their zone coverage and guys like [Josh] Huff and De'Anthony [Thomas] really made some plays for us tonight."

On limiting the offensive turnovers:
"That is huge. What we talk about in league games, especially going on the road, is you've got to protect the football and we did another really good job of it again this week."

On turning the Cal turnovers into quick scores:
"I thought that two-play sequence there might have been the game changer. That's when it really spun our side. It was kind of a back-and-forth game and Boseko [Lokombo] made a huge play and then we go one play later and it's a touchdown--it felt like we got a little bit of distance from them. I'm really happy with our guys today. We played a lot of guys today and they did a really nice job for us."

On dealing with the injuries:
"That's always been our philosophy and they really got tested with it today. Our guys did a really nice job, really can't say enough about what that defensive line did."


Marcus Mariota, QB
On taking care of his injuries:
"I think that as the season progresses everyone gets bumps and bruises. That's just something that I've got to do."

On his other teammates getting hurt throughout the game:
"Coach Kelly [and staff] does a great job at preparing everybody so we knew that whoever stepped in was ready to play. We had full faith and trust in those guys and they showed up tonight."

On the play of Oregon's defensive line:
"Like I said, those guys did an awesome job tonight. They did a good job of holding their own and we're going to need that from them in the next couple of games."

On the importance of the game interception:
"That was huge. That kind of got things going again, it really kind of flipped the momentum and you know that it's really a momentum game. It really helped us out."

On RB Kenton Burner's performance:
"[Cal's defense] just did a good job of filling the box. That just gave us and the passing game more opportunities to do what we could do and [those are] the kind of things that happen when you have a great running back like Kenyon. Guys started to fill the box to stop him. He got some hard-fought yards and that's what we needed today and he did a good job."

On the Alabama loss earlier in the day:
"That has no effect on how we play. That's just out of our control so we were just focused on Cal and getting this win."

Brian Jackson, SS
On the defense overcoming obstacles in this game:
"It was just a great feeling to see that we had so many new people, so many inexperienced guys come in and grow up. It was a real good feeling to see that they could come in and play. They knew that they were playing not only for them but we were playing for the whole team and they were playing for those guys who couldn't play anymore. They know for a fact that when they come in they can't have any letdowns in their play. They've got to come in and play just like the guys before them. As a backup, you know who's in front of you and you look up to those guys. When I wasn't playing I was looking up to the people in front of me because I was saying that `when I get in, I'm going to play just like [that] guy, if not better.' I think that everybody on our team takes that approach. When we're at practice... just because we're low on the depth chart doesn't mean that we're not going to play and they showed that today. They were able to step in with the big boys and they came in without any let down. I was different names and numbers in front of me but I didn't see any difference in the play."

Kenjon Barner, RB
On having a tough performance against Cal's defense:
"At the end of the day we still had a good game. I'm not the type [of person] that has to be the guy. [WR] Josh Huff deserved everything that came his way tonight. [QB] Marcus [Mariota] continues to impress, guys just continue to step up and do their job. As far as me having a tough game, I'm not worried about it. We came out with a [win]. That's the most important thing."


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