Postgame Quotes: California-Austin Peay

On the game, and his team's defense "We've come out with some energy, and have been good, defensively and really taken people out of what they wanted to do. I think in fairness, we've been a little bi
By Cal Athletics on Tue, November 15, 2011

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Nov. 15, 2011

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On the game, and his team's defense
"We've come out with some energy, and have been good, defensively and really taken people out of what they wanted to do. I think in fairness, we've been a little bit better than our opponents. Our energy has allowed us to take them out. It's given us the opportunity to board the ball and run the break, and given us a pretty good lead. The obvious concern is that we don't have that same intensity in the second half. We've been a little bit lax. We've got to get where we can still get the same level of intensity off the bench, although Harper [Kamp] and Jorge [Gutierrez] are obviously our two best defenders that make the whole thing work. We saw a little glimpse of what Austin Peay can do. They're very athletic and have some people that can score the ball. I thought Jorge did a nice job on TyShwan Edmondson. It's a growing process, and we've got a lot of sophomores who don't have a lot of experience. We're trying to get them to figure out what we need to do to sustain the same level."

On the higher level of competition ahead
"Obviously, when you move up to the finals, you're going to be playing against bigger and stronger athletes that are capable of beating guys on their own. It will be a bigger challenge for us. We've got two games in two nights. When we went to Florida, last year, Notre Dame handled us pretty good. We know what we're up against. We're going to have to be better for longer."

On Allen Crabbe's play
"Allen [Crabbe] isn't going to have another game like that. Jorge [Gutierrez] felt it early. The reason that you have the team is that you go to the guy who you think has the advantage. Jorge was feeling it, and we probably should have gone to him a bit more. Harper [Kamp] was good. We could have gone to him a little bit. Allen was struggling. I don't know the next time that that's going to happen. He was getting good looks and he's a great shooter. We have every confidence that that was an aberration. We do need him, there's no question about that."

On freshman F David Kravish
"He's going to go against some big old burly guys where they're going to take him down low and try to punish him. That's going to be a real challenge for him. We're trying to not run out people minute-wise. That means somebody had to play better. I think David did a good job on the hedges. He did a reasonable job on the boards although he didn't get much. He tends to make the open shot. Sometimes, with a team that's quicker, it's not the best situation for a couple of kids. They may not be as quick at point of attack. There may be other games where we need to do more with Bak [Bak] and [Jeff] Powers. In this particular situation, we're pleased with what David is doing."

On Austin Peay's press
"They're small and quick. We knew that, going in. Their heights were probably not even what they listed them at. They were lean, smaller, quicker athletes. They got up into us and we had different combinations of players in there. We didn't turn it over that much against pressure as much as we came down and took quick shots that we weren't making which changed the tempo. It was the pressure in terms of speeding us up but we did have other people in there. We haven't spent a lot of time on press break. They were kind of in a no-lose situation. They had nothing to lose other than to try and get after us. I'm not too concerned about that."


Harper Kamp, Sr. F
On the team's defense
"I think we're getting better, every game. I think we're getting the idea that we have to play defense, as a team, and help each other out and be there for each other. The way we started, I think we can be really solid if we just need to keep improving on the things we already have and focus mentally."

On the upcoming road trip
"We're going to have to prove ourselves not only to other people but to one another. We're going to have to show each other what we can do against much more physical and more athletic teams. The teams are just going to be overall, more challenging."

On freshman F David Kravish
"He's just getting better, every game. I've talked to him, a lot, and I really like the way he plays. He just plays so hard, and he's always in the right position and trying to help his teammates out. He plays at the same place and with that same motor no matter what the score is, and what's going on, which is what I really like about him. That's why he's going to continue to get better. I let him know that he just has to stay on the path he's on and keep trying to improve and he's going to help our team out a lot."

Brandon Smith, Jr. G
On the slump in the second half
"The last couple of games, we've come out with a really strong intensity. From the gate, we've come out with a strong punch. Coach even said in the locker room, `I have those expectations that the second half should match the first half intensity.' It's sometimes unrealistic because it's hard to match that which you first come out with. We need to improve on that. It was a good thing that we had some money in the bank there. We lost the second half, but we still won."

On the upcoming road trip
"We were definitely looking forward to the opportunity. We get to play some top teams in Kansas City, and we're looking forward to the opportunity to go against these guys and kind of show the nation what we've got. The ranking, to us, doesn't really mean much. It's just some number before our name. We're out to just show what California basketball is all about."

On Allen Crabbe's struggles
"I know Allen [Crabbe] will bounce back. It will be a very rare occasion to see Allen Crabbeplay like this. He still contributed in other ways besides shooting. I'm looking forward to the next game because he's going to come out, and play really well."

On his own play
"I came out, tonight, with the intention of being more aggressive, on the offensive end. It did help to knock down a couple. I'm going to go into the next game with the same mindset. I think there's some times where I pass up some shots looking for other guys. Some of the coaches have challenged me to step up and knock it down."


On his team's shooting
"No, I don't think shooting was the issue. I think we were just overwhelmed early and then started playing too fast. We threw up anything; just happy to get a shot. You give them a lot of credit, but we played way too fast, early, and that resulted in poor quality shots, therefore the poor shooting percentage."

On how the absence of senior center John Fraley affected the team
"Rebounding. It always hurts our rebounding. He gets us a few points, down low, but just rebounding."

On how the team played in the second half
"Better. We did things better and kind of stuck to our plan. We competed a little better, but, on the other hand for Cal, it is hard to play when you have the size of lead they have."

On the plan to attack Cal
"We thought we had to bring their bigs out on the floor and then throw back, but we had some guys that had some other ideas. They didn't want to throw it back and wanted to do it their way. With our size, that was the only real chance we had; to get them in foul trouble, down low, or bring the bigs out on the floor and see if we could get some good shots."

Austin Peay Head Coach Dave loos


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