Cal Football Assistant Coaches Signing Day Quotes

The following are selected quotes from the Cal Football assistant coaches on National Signing Day. Andy Buh - Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers This is the first time in my career that I've been ab
By Cal Athletics on Wed, February 06, 2013

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Feb. 6, 2013

BERKELEY - The following are selected quotes from the Cal Football assistant coaches on National Signing Day.

Andy Buh - Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers
This is the first time in my career that I've been able to get the majority of the signees with 13 here. This is a tremendous class with two defensive backs, four explosive defensive ends, four defensive tackles and three linebackers. When we first got here, one of the things we did is analyze what we had in the building first. One of the things we said moving forward, if we were going to build a dynamic defense, it was going to start with our front. That's exactly what we went out and looked for. Eight of the 13 signees were defensive linemen. Utilizing those spots for the front guys really tells you what kind of foundation we're trying to build with this first class.

Rob Likens - Assistant Head Coach / Wide Receivers
This will be my fourth year working with Coach Dykes and I've known him for 12 years or so. One of the reasons why I came to Cal with him is I know he's going to do things the right way to build a program. You can't build a program with quick-fixes. This first class was our foundation. We wanted three things from this class - talent, academics and character. I think that without question, we accomplished that goal. We have good, talented, solid football players.

Zach Yenser - Offensive Line
The whole class in general is like what Coach (Dykes) said. We signed a football team. That's what we set out to do. That was our goal when we got here. We hit what we thought our biggest needs were - the offensive and defensive lines. My offensive linemen coming in, I couldn't ask for a better group of guys. Their personality, the way they fit within the team, what we ask from them academically and then what we asked talent-wise, they're going to be able to do everything we ask from them up front. There's not a better group of guys I could have asked for.

Pierre Ingram - Running Backs
I'm excited. The attitude of the guys that we got was spectacular because they stuck with us. They understood the values of the education they would be receiving. They knew Cal was a good fit for them. We built the coach-player relationship when we got here and those guys have bought into it. They see what we're trying to do and they see our desire to be great. They're going to be a good fit for this program. The attitude coming from Coach Dykes is positive and we all feel that way. Everybody's excited about the guys we have coming in. It's going to be good.

Mark Tommerdahl - Special Teams Coordinator / Inside Receivers
You expect me to say that he has a good leg, and he does. I haven't seen much from Matt; he came in with the previous staff. I watched film and, again, not only does he have a strong leg but he's athletic. Will he come in and kick as a freshman? I don't know. Logically, I would say we brought him in to redshirt. The best guy will be our kicker, and if he's the best guy, then he will be kicking as a freshman.

Randy Stewart - Defensive Backs
It's a very well-rounded group of athletes. The entire class is really built on trying to find speed, athleticism and the ability to run. They'll play highly-disciplined football. The best thing about the secondary that I really like is they're very athletic. They can accelerate, redirect and they can play an athletic game with the ability to accelerate and decelerate.

Barry Sacks - Defensive Line
It's been put together extremely well based on the time period that we were operating in. We hit the ground running. It was fast, furious and a lot of fun. For a transitional time, we managed to put together a pretty good class of young men that are really going to be the pillars of this football program as things advance. You have some excellent students. Once you match their intelligence with their ability to play the game of football, some great things are going to occur with this group of people. We've recruited a football team. There's a guy at every position it seems like.


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