Postgame Quotes: California-Washington State

"That was the thing that kept us in there. I thought we had some good defensive performances. I thought Justin [Cobbs] was pretty good consistently across the board and was working hard. Bak [Bak] did
By Cal Athletics on Sat, January 12, 2013

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Jan. 12, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the defense
"That was the thing that kept us in there. I thought we had some good defensive performances. I thought Justin [Cobbs] was pretty good consistently across the board and was working hard. Bak [Bak] did a really nice job on [Brock] Motum. He really paid attention to the scouting report and took away some things from him. Really, if it hadn't been for second chance points and the 21 offensive rebounds, we would have had a really good defensive performance. It was just something we had to do. Everybody wants to talk about how it's grinding or it's not pretty. Get used to it fellas, this isn't changing. You've got to do what you've got to do. You're not going to go out there and suddenly turn into the '76 Knicks. It's not happening. We're going to have to play defense. We're going to have to get more physical. People have pretty much handled us. Generally speaking, we'll have to learn how to push back a little bit. Every game is going to have a different issue that we'll have to deal with. That's the way it's going to be."

On the blocks
"Richard [Solomon] and David [Kravish] have pretty long arms and can block shots. What we said to them was when the ball got on the side, to stay attached to Motum. We told the weakside guy not to go out to the other corner. When they drove in there we got some blocks. We did a really good job of that. We actually watched film, and I'm sure they've picked up on this, but WSU had driven to the basket against Stanford and Powell came over to block shots. They probably watched that and realized there were some opportunities. Richard loves to block shots. That's a part of it. They don't really have a low post game per se. Most of their game is away from the basket with drives. We took a little momentum away from them. Unfortunately, we didn't possess the ball every time we did that. We ended up playing back on defense. It's a little disconcerting. We had that Wednesday where they were getting to the basket and we got some blocks so it doesn't get in your head a little bit"

On why Tyrone Wallace didn't start
"Tyrone was late for shoot-around. No significance other than that."

On Justin Cobbs
"Justin actually played a really good game. He controlled the team, he played good defense and made some really good passes, not all of which were caught and should have been finished. I think there's a balance there with Justin. We felt like we had an advantage inside because they don't have any big guys per se. We felt we could go inside but we probably over exaggerated it a little bit. If you look at it, how many times did we get the ball in deep but fail to make a high percentage shot. That's been something we've dealt with all along. If we had made all of those it would have changed things significantly in the way we were trying to play because I told Justin:" there's a balance. If you go in and you have a great shot for you, score it. When they suddenly rotate, then you make the pass. I think he was looking for the pass almost every time. We were up two at half and Allen didn't have very many and Justin had zero. That's a little bit unusual. They switched everything. It caused us some problems. I think we got a little more aggressive in the second half with what we ran. We got to the line a lot because we were able to get aggressive and that helped us a little bit. I thought Rob [Thurman] had two or three point blankers that didn't go down. The thing that's baffling is the offensive rebounds. [Mike] Ladd did a heck-of-ah job with 12 rebounds and 9 offensive rebounds. He is a good rebounder. We didn't do a good job there."

On Tyrone Wallace
"He had a good game. He was aggressive to the hoop and he made some good baskets. We need that. He's a freshman and he's not going to be able to do that every game. He was able to take advantage of it. He got some rebounds in traffic. He still ball watches a little bit too much. Obviously, 28 points off the bench in a game that low scoring is pretty good."

Junior guard Allen Crabbe

On the importance of the win today
"After the Washington game, we had a little `Come to Jesus' meeting and we all picked it up on defense. I feel like the defense led to some good offense for us."

On the gist of the `Come to Jesus' meeting
"You have to play hard. You can't come out without the energy. Like David [Kravish] said last week, we went out there with no passion, no heart and it looked like we didn't care. We have to be more serious if we want to make a run in the Pac-12. We need to be successful and we need to play hard in order to do that."

On why Justin Cobbs didn't shoot during the first half
"I guess we wanted to get other players going before he started shooting. He does such a great job of handling the ball."

On the out of sync offense
"We just have to keep working harder on offense. We have to keep getting sharper in practice. We need to execute a lot better in the games. As you said, we have a tendency to get a bit sloppy in the game. I am just glad that we got the win, we really needed it and needed the confidence after the loss against Washington."

Freshman guard Tyrone Wallace

On whether he felt like he needed to be a more offensive presence this game
"Not really, I just take the game as it comes to me. I got some looks and I was able to score some points for us. At the time, that is what the defense gave us, so I just gave my best."

On Bak Bak's performance shutting down Brock Motum in the second half
"Bak came in big for us. He came in and [Brock] Motum was somebody that we were prepping for and he just stuck to him. We didn't want him taking any open shots and Bak was able to just be there every time he caught the ball. I think that really frustrated him and he wasn't able to score."

On his block on Brock Motum on the breakaway at the end of the game
"I believe it was my fault. I was supposed to initially be back so they could not throw the pass over. I went out to a wing to defend my man and they threw over the top of me and I thought `ah man' I ran back and was able to get back. I felt like I had a good chance of getting the block because I was right on him as he went up and I just tried to go for it and I got it."

Washington State Head Coach Ken Bone

On the offensive struggles
"One of our strategies: to attack, attack, attack. But, when you don't get fouled and you don't get a shot off, it gets hard. Guys don't really want to attack the rim if they're coming up empty handed. So, we weren't able to get to the free throw line very often. Cal did a great job of blocking shots. I think their length bothered us. We have a hard time simulating that in practice. He doesn't see that, but we're sure seeing it now."

On Cal's offense
"They looked a little tentative, but I'm sure there's a reason why. Coach Montgomery is trying to get them to play the way that he needs them to play. He'll get there. He always does. My guess is that they might have been trying really hard to do the things Coach Montgomery wants and that might have made them a little tentative."

On the defensive switching
"It helped us to switch and be there on the catch. On the first few possessions of the game they had wide open looks. Cal basketball against Coach Montgomery: they execute things pretty well. A lot of it is predicated off screens, so we tried to switch to take that away."

On Mike Ladd's hustle
"I think Mike does that most every game. I think he was motivated by the fact that he had so many offensive boards. I appreciate all the seniors and all of our guys. They're great kids and they're working hard. We as a staff need to just keep working and trying to help them. I really appreciate the two seniors. They leave it on the court in every game. Mike did tonight. He wasn't scoring great, but he'll do whatever he can: defense, diving for loose balls, offensive rebounds. He was probably the Gutierrez on the floor tonight."

On the early foul trouble
"It didn't help, that's for sure. It did hurt us."

Washington State senior forward Brock Motum

On Bak Bak's defensive pressure
"I'm not quite sure what he did. He played tough defense. We were out of sync on offense. I missed a couple easy shots. I think that would have changed a lot of the way he guarded me. He's a good defender and a good challenger but I think that I just missed a couple of shots

On the difficulty getting the ball inside
"They've got a lot of length inside. When we took it in there they blocked a few shots. Maybe we had a timid mindset, but we still got 21 offensive rebounds so it wasn't like we weren't working inside."

On the slow start
"I think we approach every game the same way. No matter if you're 14-0 or 0-14 I think you approach every game the same way. You want to win every game. I think we'll approach Utah and Colorado the same way we approached this game and the game before and every game this season. We've just got to put this lost behind us and prepare for next week."

On the odd schedule
"We flew back after the Stanford game that night and went to class Thursday. Went to class Friday and had practice in Pullman. We flew down again yesterday afternoon. We shot around here. It was just a regular gameday except we went back to Pullman in between for a little bit of class. It was an extra day and we didn't want to miss too much school. I think it was fine. It was just a regular game day in terms of preparation."

Washington State senior guard Mike Ladd

On his rebounding
"I just tried to help my team out any way I could. Rebounding was a place where I felt like I could help out tonight. I did as much as I could on the boards."

On the mindset going into the game
"We go into every game willing to win and trying to win. We have different scouts for every team. For this game, we just tried to come in and win."

On defending Allen Crabbe
"He's a good player. We just tried to stay in front. He comes off a lot of ball screens. I got a lot of help from my teammates."


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