Oregon-Cal Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  01/29/2011

Jan. 29, 2011

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BERKELEY - California head coach Mike Montgomery

On the game
"We really sliced and diced early. We made plays. The thing that scared me about them was their activity. They've got a lot of guys and they play a lot of guys with quick hands. They're really playing hard. Dana has done a nice job. They're kind of drinking the Kool-Aid of what he's selling. They seem to have fun playing. If you look at their lineup, it's not a bad one. Catron and Jacob were hurt early, and they were starters. Armstead has been a starter and he played really well tonight. I like Singler a lot. He's a real nice player in this league. They've got some guys, and they've added to it so they have depth. They came out and got more aggressive and I thought we got a little bit tentative, and I thought we got tired. We either lost our concentration or we got a little bit fatigued. You knew you were going to play against pressure the whole time. After a while, we had attacked it early and all of the sudden we weren't attacking it so intelligently. They got some momentum and some confidence."

On the turnovers and Oregon defense
"I didn't really think much of what they did was causing the turnovers. It was mostly what we didn't do. To their credit, they don't just stay in one place. It's not the same thing every time. So you'll come down the floor one time and the one side is open, and next time you look, they'll make you go someplace else. They adjust it; they're smart that way. The other thing is that you know they're going to do it for 40 minutes. They're not going to go away. They're going to continue to do it, which gives you a little less time to attack the zone. Also, I think it weighs on you mentally a little bit. I didn't think Allen was very comfortable with it. I don't think he liked that thing very much. We attacked it early and then I think we got a little bit tentative once we made a couple mistakes."

On how the lead was cut
"At one point in time we were 4-for-18 from the floor and I don't think we were making free throws, so that doesn't augur well for sustaining, maintaining or extending the lead. There was a little bit of a lack of continuity in the game based on foul calls. There were just a lot of foul calls. In the first half they had four or five guys with two. We had all of our guys with two. I just thought that we got a little bit fatigued. We got some minutes off the bench, but we had three guys with high 30s. They got all day tomorrow to rest, and then we'll get back at it on Monday."

On the level of play of the team
"You never get the most. There's always more. I told the young guys that now that they've got 21 games under their belt, they should now know what it takes physically. We don't want to make the same mistakes over and over. We need some help from the bench. We need to get confidence in them and they need to get confidence in themselves. Part of it is just physically. Richard and Bak need to be able to hang in physically with the guys. That's something they've just got to mentally understand. There's more we can do. Fifteen turnovers is not very good for us. Allen should not have had five turnovers. Some of them we was just tentative."

Freshman guard Allen Crabbe

On the game
"I'm not really surprised. We knew that they were a scrappy team. We knew that they like to pressure. I know on my part that I didn't know what I was doing the first half. I kind of took myself out of the game because I kept making mistakes and being hard on myself. They play good team defense, got a couple steals and got a couple shots to fall."

On the team's confidence
"I guess we're just feeding off of every game and gaining more confidence. We know that we're a young team, but we've shown that we can compete with any team in the Pac-10. This was a great week for us. We played down to the end. Getting wins at home has to be automatic in the Pac-10. You have to get those because the road wins are so hard to get, so we feed off those."

On Jorge's play
"Jorge was big for us. He knocked down a big three. Jorge is a leader. He's going to do everything that you need him to do. He came through big for us in the end."

On the level of play from the team
"You can see that they are playing at lot more aggressively. I would say that the last two games we've played really well. We're just executing really well. Our offense is finding each other and we're playing as a team. I think that's why we're getting wins."

Senior center Markhuri Sanders-Frison

On what this game shows to the league
"It shows that we have matured a lot. We've played 21 games, and we've come a long way. I would like to give props to our young fellas and coaching staff for helping us out. We're a very young team and we showed that we've matured this afternoon."

On the Oregon zone
"They present a little bit of problems because they're very athletic. They're undersized, so they were getting to different spots a lot. We're bigger than them so we could get it down low. The full-court zone hurt us a lot, but once we got it past there, we got back and took our time. We still had turnovers, but we got through it."

On Allen Crabbe's game
"This is the most we've been pressured all season for a full 40 minutes. For a freshman, it was something new, and he did pretty well. Everybody makes turnovers and we don't pass the ball as well as we would like, but he still did a great job and came through for us. He matured today, learning the do's and don'ts of a full court press."

On the team's play overall
"Playing hard and surprising a lot of people, I'm so proud of my teammates. We go hard in practice and we go hard in games and it's paying off."