Ask Coach Horstmeyer
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  01/15/2002

Jan. 15, 2002

Spike Long (China Lake, CA)
What is the most pressing for the low point production over the last few games?

Cheers, Spike

"Spike, I think we need the Shark out there. On a little bit more of a serious note, maybe we need you to bump a few bodies around. Yes, the Pac-10 would be part of our issues in terms of our low scoring output. We knew we were not a great scoring team. We're really trying to develop our scoring. We're continuing to work in that area. A lot of our new players are showing improvement. But, I think it's the Shark that they need."

Geyanni Polk (San Leandro, CA)
Is there going to be any more free stuff given out at the game?

"Every game we give out free stuff. If we hit a three-point shot, you should be really fired up. When we hit a three-point shot, they throw three t-shirts out. Cancun burritos are being thrown out. Free pizzas are given out from Extreme Pizza. I'm not aware if we have any more promotions for the first 50 fans to come through the doors. But, come to the games anyway because there are other stuff given out during the games you have an opportunity to win."

Charles Reilly (Fullerton, CA)
This is more of a suggestion than a question. Why don't you throw in a few set plays for Jackie Lord? I know she's only a freshman, but if she's open, even from 25 feet, she can hit her shot. I watched her in the State Tournament when she was at Brea-Olinda and was very impressed with her long-range shooting ability. Anyway, you've got a great player there. I'm sure before the end of her career at Cal she'll put up some great numbers for you.

Sincerely Yours,
Charles Reilly

"We totally agree with you. That's something we have been working on. We're definitely working on set plays for Jackie. We want her to shot the ball. We've talked to her about shooting the ball. I think a lot of it for her has been getting caught up in terms of how fast the game is. That's exactly what we want. We want a number of set plays for her. We've talked with her about the fact that she is a scorer for us. We will want to bring her off many screens. We do have a couple of plays in. Keep your eyes out. We will set a double screen for her with our post players with her coming off the screen for a three or her curl. It's just a chemistry issue right now. That's something we really want to do for her."