Postgame Quotes: California-Oregon State

On senior day and the game "You'd like to be able to get the seniors out like that if you have a chance. We had a little bit of cushion, so we were able to get them out. In the second half, we played
By Cal Athletics on Sat, February 18, 2012

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Feb. 18, 2012

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On senior day and the game
"You'd like to be able to get the seniors out like that if you have a chance. We had a little bit of cushion, so we were able to get them out. In the second half, we played pretty well. We got more aggressive. As compared to their place where they shot 76 percent in the second half, they shot 31 percent. We out-rebounded them by nine. We kind of got handled on the boards in the first half. Devon Collier is a really nice rebounder. We did a better job on the boards which allowed us to get out and run some stuff. We had foul problems with both Crabbe and Harper [Kamp]. We don't like to see that. It causes problems, but we were able to make it through that. I thought Bak did a good job in there. He made a couple plays. Oregon State was scary. They're long. They're pretty athletic. Cunningham is legit. He's the real deal and averaging 21 points. There were some things that concerned us, obviously. They're really close to winning a lot of games and they just haven't been able to do it, so we felt pretty good about it."

On sophomore G Justin Cobbs
"He was 21 assists and 3 turnovers for the weekend and 38 points. I would be disappointed and shocked if he wasn't player of the week. These were pretty big games for us. He did a good job. He kept his cool. He played a lot of minutes. 40 is about all you can play."

On freshman F David Kravish
"David gets bothered by things. He doesn't like change, much. When he gets to not knowing what he's supposed to do, he kind of stands out there. I think in the second half, he started going after the ball. He's got good touch. He makes shots, but he did a better job on the boards, for sure. We were getting handled, physically, in the first half and it hurt us. They took us out of the break. David goes 17 and seven, with three blocks. That's pretty good."

On the rest of the season
"Same place we've been before. Tied. It looks like Washington is not giving in, at all. They've got three road games and we've got three road games. You can argue all you want who's got a tougher road. It's really kind of up to us to do our job and take care of our business and not worry so much about what they do."

On the heavy minutes for the starters
"I didn't think it was a fast-paced game. Because they were zoning some, I thought there was time to rest. I was concerned a little bit about it, but I didn't think in the first half we got good time out of our subs. I don't think we distinguished ourselves there as far as the substitution. I just didn't want to give them a chance. We've got Thursday-Sunday, this week. I tried to use timeouts as best we could. The game was not really fast-paced in terms of moving and running. It was okay, I thought."

On the first half and the multiple scorers
"I thought we started off the game moving the ball, really well, and then we got a little sluggish. Some guys were passing up shots we thought they should have taken in order to make passes. We had 19 assists and 11 turnovers, which is pretty good. It's not great, but it's pretty good on 28 field goals. I thought we shared the ball. Having five guys in double figures always helps. It makes you more difficult to guard because you're not having to rely on one guy to make all the plays. If you look at Jorge [Gutierrez], it's a typical line for Jorge; 17 points, eight rebounds. He just does a lot of stuff."


Jorge Gutierrez, Sr. G
On senior day
"It was fun for me. Besides all of this and besides the stats, we got the win, and that's what really matters."

On the remaining schedule
"We know it's going to be tough and it's not easy in this conference. It's not easy to win on the road. We've just got to stay together, play the way we do, and we'll be fine."

On Oregon State junior G Jared Cunningham
"He's a great player. We know that he's one of their go-to guys. It was not just me. It was a team effort, and I think we did a pretty good job."

On sophomore guards Justin Cobbs and Allen Crabbe
"He [Justin Cobbs] is unbelievable. Justin has been giving the ball up to the other people. He's been great for us. Allen: we know what to expect from him. He's a great player and a great shooter. He played great, today."

On his family's reaction and attendance
"I haven't talked to them yet, but they were impressed yesterday. I'm sure they feel honored. It was a great celebration for us and I'm sure for Harper's family, as well. We're very thankful for the chance the coaches and a lot of people gave me. Counting Harper's family, there were twenty-five people here. They were all on the same plane with Harper's family."

Harper Kamp, Sr. F
On senior day
"There was a lot of emotion coming into the game so I'm just really glad that we all focused. My teammates did a great job. We brought a lot of energy when we needed it. We did good, today, and got it out of the way and ended it on a good note, so now we can just focus on what's ahead of us."

On the rebounding
"That was definitely an emphasis at halftime: to stop getting out-phsyicalled. They were really pushing hard and able to put us in bad position. We talked about it at half. I think that everyone did a great job of coming out and being much more physical and setting the tone."

On freshman F David Kravish
"He was great, particularly in the second half. He was pretty much the leader on the boards. He was doing a great job of going to the ball and he finished some plays, today. He was pretty poised."

On the run, late in the second half
"Just to keep getting stops and be attentive to what they wanted and what they were going to try to go to. Down that final stretch, our guards did a great job locking down on the outside and staying tuned in on Cunningham."

On coming out of the game the final time
"I was still looking up at the clock and the game is never really over for me. I was coming out and I realized it was over. Coach game me a high five and I realized that was it. I was just honored to come out that way and it meant a lot. It was so much fun today."


On the game
"I was really disappointed. We knew it was going to be a high-intensity game because it was senior day, and I didn't think we came out with the effort that matched their intensity. We fought our way back, and then just got back in to the same cycle. It was the guys at the end of the bench that brought us back. I put the starting guys back in. Your best players have to help you in situations like that."

On Oregon State's defense
"We would get stops, and wouldn't come up with the rebound or loose ball. Of late, it has been a problem. I've got to address that. We've got three home games which are all potentially winnable games. We have to rise to the occasion to salvage some of this conference season."

On Oregon State's backcourt play
"[The backcourt being outplayed] hasn't happened all season that I can remember. I will give them that they are due a bad game, but we are working on trying to get good and get better. I thought tonight, we took a step back. I'll have to take a look at the tape, but when you play a team at the top of the league on senior night, after you've beaten them once, you have to come with more than we came with."


Roberto Nelson, So. G
On coming back from an early deficit
"We made some shots, and got in a rhythm. We came out hard, and executed on offense to fight back from the deficit at the beginning of the game."

On playing in front of his dad
"It feels good playing in front of him, again. I was hoping to get a couple wins in front of him, but that didn't happen. Hopefully, there are more wins to come in the future."

On Oregon State's four game losing streak
"It is definitely impacting us a little bit. We take loses tough, there. Everybody is extremely competitive. We know we have to go back on Monday - or whatever day we have practice - and give it our all to get a win."


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