Postgame Quotes: California-Oregon

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By Cal Athletics on Thu, February 16, 2012

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Feb. 16, 2012

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On the final minutes of the game
"We defended better. The fact that we were able to get ahead, or tie, certainly changed the tenor of the game from the standpoint of where now, they did not have a cushion where they could miss a shot and it was okay, they were still going to be ahead. Now, it was an even game and possessions became more valuable. I thought we got aggressive at the end. Devoe Joseph was spectacular, and there wasn't much we could do. We tried everybody on him. He banks in three's and really deep, really tough, shots. That's why we were really concerned with David [Kravish]'s miss at the end because it was a three, now, and you were just worried that Devoe was going to jump up and hit another one and take it to overtime. Fortunately for us, he didn't. He was really, really, good; probably only matched by Justin [Cobbs]'s game with 28 points and eight assists. He was very good and he kept us in the game. Oregon was really good. They're playing as good as anybody in the league, right now. I can't imagine anybody playing as well as they are right now. Their bigs are athletic. They beat us down the floor and got lots of stuff with the bigs beating us. That really hurt us, early. We didn't do a great job in transition. We just couldn't keep up with them. We got caught underneath the backboard a lot. That's a good basketball team. I watched them play Washington, last week, and that's a pretty good basketball team. I know they've got to be sick sitting in there, because they played really well."

On Cal's defense
"We took them out of their half-court stuff at their place. We didn't have very good attention to detail. They didn't do anything that we didn't take them out of in the first game in terms of their back cuts and their second cuts and so forth. We kept going under the guy and they would catch it at the elbow and they would jump up and shoot it and we weren't supposed to do that. Of course, we did get some fouls called when we tried to keep them from getting there, and I'm sure we got a little bit jumpy on that. They came out of a timeout and we went to a zone and they threw a lob. I don't know how they knew we were going to a zone, but they were immediately ready to make that play when the zone was supposed to catch them off guard. The guy went up nine miles in the air... and there was nothing we could do about it other than bump him out of his cut."

On Allen Crabbe and Jorge Gutierrez's performances
"Allen scored a zillion, up there, so they made a real emphasis and I'm sure that opened up Justin [Cobbs]. The thing that makes a good team is when the thing opens up because there's not help because they're taking the guy away that's guarding Allen, and Justin was able to get to the hoop. [David] Kravish came alive. I thought he was a little bit overwhelmed in the first half with their athletics. They're physical. They bang you. They've got five post guys that can play. I thought Dave came alive in the second half and made some plays and was a little more comfortable with the whole thing. We got in trouble, up there, foul-wise, but we had Richard [Solomon] and he went in there and got 11 boards. We didn't have Richard, today. Allen was being guarded and he wasn't moving as much. He's a little sore. There's no question we need him. He didn't have his confidence, perhaps."

On Justin Cobbs's performance
"He did well. They zoned, early, and that's when we got off to our lead. Then they went back to man and we didn't do a good job executing against their man. We felt like we could get the shots we wanted and we didn't. Part of it was the presence of [Tony] Woods. We didn't get much up in second shots because they're a good rebounding team. What it left open was penetration. When we got stops, we were able to get to the basket before they could get set up. He's good at getting to the basket, there's no question."


Harper Kamp, Sr. F
On the game
"That was an exciting game. It was a lot of fun. Maybe a little bit too much stress, but seeing my team play the way they did, and seeing guys like Justin [Cobbs] stepping up, just making plays at the end, and having a lot of heart; those are the kind of games you want to be in, and those are the teammates you want to be with."

On defending Oregon
"It seems like a pretty unique offense. It's pretty high-powered. It's hard to guard because it takes you out of some of your normal principles. They have a lot of options out of it. You saw them get the lobs even though we were in the right position. It's just tough to guard and when you've got guys jumping up and making shots it makes it even tougher."

On freshman F David Kravish
"He was getting out-physicalled in the beginning. He responded really well and played some tough defense. He really helped me out because they were running the floor really well. He helped me on a lot of plays covering my guy when we needed to switch. He was really attentive and focused. He came up with the free throw at the end. That's big for a freshman to miss that first one and then focus and hit the next one. That says a lot about Dave. I'm glad he played well in the second half"

On whether he was worried about losing the game
"You can't think that way. The last time I was worried was at the 11 minute mark. We all had our heads down a little bit. I think Justin [Cobbs] turned it up on D and Jorge [Gutierrez] started making some plays. We were just all over the place, tipping some balls, and getting some deflections. That's when I knew we weren't going to lose this game. You could just see it in the way we were moving."

On getting this win
"It was a gut check. I think we came out, and were a little bit nervous, at times. We've got a target on our back right now because it's in our hands. It makes you a little bit nervous and tentative at times. The key for us is just to come out and if we play with energy and we play hard, that nervousness will just go away and we're just going to play our game. I think we've got a championship team."

Justin Cobbs, So. G
On Oregon G Devoe Joseph (former teammate at Minnesota)
"He could always shoot the ball and when he's hot, he's hard to stop. He hit a couple deep three's, late, and he kept them in it. He's a shooter. He's a guy that you have to get off his rhythm, and tonight, he was able to knock down shots. When the ball is going in, it's going in, and he just had one of those nights."

On whether he felt the need to step up with the struggles of Allen Crabbe
"Not really, because I know that there have been games where he started off slow and then in the last seven minutes he went off for 18. You take what the game gives you. Tonight, I was able to get to the basket and make some shots. Tonight, I was a little aggressive. If Allen's going slow, I'm still going to look for him as a point guard. That's what I'm supposed to do."

On the defense
"No matter what happens on the offensive side of the ball, we make sure it doesn't affect what we do on defense. Tonight was a great example of that. Jorge [Gutierrez] may have not had his best offensive day, but on defense he impacted the game, doing a lot of things like getting steals and getting turnovers. That's just what he does. No matter what happens, nothing can stop Jorge from playing his game and being aggressive on defense."

On his play
"The coaches were telling me to be aggressive, and if I could, to put the team on my back. I was just trying to find guys and score the ball. We just want to win. We were competing tonight. It was a great team effort. We're that much closer to doing what it is we want to do. We'll do whatever it takes to get the W's on up."

On the technical foul on Coach Montgomery
"We're a confident team. It may have hurt us a little bit, and given them that two-point lead. I believe in our team. It just gives us a little bit more edge to do what we have to do on defense. We still got stops. We still scored the ball. It shows what kind of team we are. We can handle adversity no matter what happens on the court. We're going to do whatever it takes."


On the game
"It is definitely the turnovers that put us in bad shape; a lot of turnovers and not easy baskets. They turned it up a notch, but we did some fundamentally unsound things. We left our feet, and made some bad decisions. We played poor post defense--48 points in the paint--a lot of them off of our turnovers; points off turnovers: 25 points. We did some good things. Offensively, we just gave up too many easy baskets and turnovers."

On the Pac-12 standings
"We just have to worry about ourselves. We are in bad shape for the race. We had to have this one, and we knew it. We just have to worry about the next game and getting ready; we can't worry about the race now."


Devoe Joseph, Sr. G
On the end of the game
"We just needed some plays. I am a very confident player, so I just took the shots that I felt like I was going to make. I thought (my last shot) was going in. I should have went a little quicker. We ended up getting the rebound and would have had time for another good shot. We just didn't execute as well as we could have, at the end, and they got easy turnovers because of it."

On the team's turnovers
"It was just us not handling the ball. We can't blame anybody but ourselves. The turnovers were just careless turnovers. We didn't have the focus we needed to have in a big-time game"

On the Pac-12 standings
"We will watch, but we need to focus the next two days on getting ready for Stanford. This put us further back, but we need to keep competing for one of those top four spots in the conference. Winning the conference is going to be a lot tougher. We would need a lot of luck on our side. We just need to try and win out, and do our best."

On the game
"I really wanted to beat them. I didn't want to leave the Pac-12 not beating a team in the regular season. I thought we were just as good as Cal and could come in here and get a win; I really wanted to do that."


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