Cal-ASU Postgame Quotes

Sept. 25, 1999RecapGame StatsBERKELEY - Below are postgame quotes from players and both head coaches following Saturday's Cal-Arizona State Cal Head Coach Tom Holmoe -- General comments on the game
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 25, 1999

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Sept. 25, 1999

Game Stats

BERKELEY - Below are postgame quotes from players and both head coaches following Saturday's Cal-Arizona State

Cal Head Coach Tom Holmoe --

General comments on the game:

"I experienced every emotion. Thank goodness it ended on a good emotion."

"When it came down to make and break plays, for the first time we saw some guys come through. It feels real good to get back in the win column."

On coming off a bye week:

"The bye week really helped us. It was a battle of wills out there. Arizona State fought extremely hard. They really tried to wear us down, but in the end they started to wilt a little bit."

On quarterback Kyle Boller:

"Kyle did a great job in all kinds of situations. He wasn't rattled at all."

"He's a cold-blooded assassin. He doesn't show emotion during the game. The only time you see the emotion is when we score. Then he seems to let his hair down a little bit."

On the depth at linebacker:

"Our depth is our depth. I talked about that before the season even started. We were deep at linebacker. We're a little thinner now, but the [the linebackers] stepped it up."

On linebacker J.J. Jimenez:

"I don't expect J.J. to be Matt Beck. But he's going to come in and play the best he can. He came in and gave a great performance."

On having to use freshman cornerback Atari Callen:

"We went into this game with Atari knowing full well he could get in."

"When LaShaun (Ward) and Deltha (O'Neal) came out on the same play, we knew it was Atari. We told him, 'Go get 'em.'"

Cal Players --

Kyle Boller

On his play:

"It was real exciting. I was a little nervous going into it after the first touchdown. Everything went pretty well. I think I played alright. We still got to get everyone on the same page. I think, overall as a team, we played alright, but we need to play a lot better to win the Pac-10."

On ever seeing blitzing like that before:

"No, it was a little different in high school. They don't bring it on like that."


On the mood of the defense after the fumble late in the game:

"I felt that some people were on their toes, kind of nervous. The seniors of the group told Atari to be on top of his game because they are going to go after him, and he was ready."

Arizona State head coach Bruce Snyder --

General comments:

"You watched today a game in which two teams played very hard. It would be underrating them to say we gave it to them, but we helped. Their kids played hard. We're a fairly young team that played extremely hard. We just helped them too much."

"We're gonna be a good football team. I have not lost faith. We made a lot of progress this week, but not enough. I've been at this thing a long time. I can smell and taste these things. I think we're gonna be a good football team."

"I feel lousy about the loss, but it's a different pain when you give it your all. It wasn't enough to win today. We got 500 yards today. We needed the points to go with it. I'm hurt, pained, but not discouraged."

On Arizona State's special team performance:

"Their special team outperformed ours today. Not only their specialists, but their return and coverages. That was the biggest difference in the game today."

On the failed field goal attempt to end the first half:

"That's on me. It's funny how things like that get sideways. We were not sure we would get the first down. You practice forever what we call scramble field goal. The prudent thing was to spike the ball. No question, the thing to do is spike it, take a breath, and kick the ball."

On Cal QB Kyle Boller:

"Strong arm. Competitive. Destined to be a starter in this conference, which he is. I think just what I did when he came out of high school. He's a terrific player."

Arizona State Players --


On Cal Quarterback Kyle Boller:

"He's a good kid. He proved himself. He's got a future ahead of him. I'll let you what, we came after him, and if Cal can continue to protect the kid, he's got a future."

On the ASU defense:

"I can't take anything away from our defense. We were ready for everything. They came out and made a few more plays than we did and I give the credit to them."

On the loss:

"I would be lying if I said we weren't frustrated. We know that we have the talent and the desire. We've got some kids on this team that inevitably will make it to the next level. They are here, and they are ready to take this ride all the way and everybody is ready to jump on the train. We are just going to go back and work. We know this conference is wide open, so we are just going to continue to work."


On the ASU quarterbacks:

"John is a good quarterback, he just has to get comfortable like me, but Kealy is a veteran and he knows a lot of stuff, so that was a big loss for us, but John did step up."

On the Cal defense:

"Their defense was alright. They have a nice corner in No. 8 (Deltha O'Neal). They say they are the best defense in the Pac-10, but I don't think they're the best defense in the Pac-10. They did have a good defense, but I think we're much better."


On stopping the Cal running game:

"We figured that they were going to come in and try to run the ball, considering New Mexico State running down our throats. Basically, it was a test of the front seven after we got disgraced last week. We wanted to come in and take care of the run and force them into a passing game which we did."

On the ASU defensive scheme:

"We put in our dime package and we wanted to unleash it against Cal. I don't think they were expecting it. Nobody has ever seen us come out in it before and it causes lots of problems at first. They had some breaks throughout the game that we didn't and you have to take advantage of those. I think they knew we were going to blitz and so they went to the three-step game which makes it very hard to get hits on the quarterback. We tried to put as much pressure as we could on him (Kyle Boller), but it just didn't work out."


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