Postgame Quotes: California-Oregon

"More than anything, it was the way we were able to win because we weren't very smooth offensively. Oregon was very good defensively taking us out of stuff. The ability for them to switch with like at
By Cal Athletics on Sat, February 02, 2013

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Feb. 2, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game
"More than anything, it was the way we were able to win because we weren't very smooth offensively. Oregon was very good defensively taking us out of stuff. The ability for them to switch with like athletes, they took us out of what we wanted to do. We didn't make the best decisions early on. The fact that we were able to hang in defensively was huge for us. That's something that we have to do if we're going to have a chance. That was really pleasing; that the guys dug down and cut it up defensively. We practiced for an hour yesterday. Coming off a night game with a day game today, we stressed their transition game and second shots. We felt like they're a great offensive rebounding team and that they ran the break well. They only had three second chance points and six fast break points which was the key to the game for us: taking those things away as best we could. The fact that they almost got another second chance basket at the end but we blocked it, was huge. It has to be a confidence builder knowing that we can play better, knowing that we can play better offensively. We didn't have anyone go off offensively but we were still able to stay in there."

On the crowd
"I thought the crowd both games was very good. I thought they were into it. Of course they were the kind of games you can get into because they're close and one possession here or there could make all the difference. That makes it fun. In a college environment, that's what you're after. You don't expect perfection; you just want to see guys compete. Both teams were competing. It was a defensive game all the way around. It shows the emotion. It's kind of like to go from the brink of losing to winning. That's where that happens."

On Richard Solomon
"I think Richard is playing with a lot more confidence. The thing that's pleasing is the 12 rebounds. He was engaged mentally. I think he adjusted to the physical play and he just got in and got the ball. You'd like him to shoot better than 3-for-10 but he was 7-for-8 from the line with 12 boards, that's good. We've not had an inside game necessarily. And it's put a lot of pressure on Allen and the perimeter guys. Now, establishing an inside game, we got 25-58 points inside. That's more than we've probably gotten percentagewise at any given time. That makes a huge difference."

On entering the second half of conference play
"We've had five road games. We're one up in that way. We're the only team with five. You're going to play the top four teams in a row. It was very pleasing to get that one. Washington plays tonight. They've got ASU and they've lost four in a row. Obviously certain people are tougher for each team to play. We've always talked about trying to win at home and then trying to see what you can get on the road. If we can continue to defend we can give ourselves a chance."

On Tyrone Wallace
"He has guts. He's not afraid to shoot the ball. I hope he can figure out what he needs to do better. He kind of lengthens out his drive. If he can get to where he can get to the basket and use his length and get fouled, that would really help him. He's had some good games and he's struggled in some games. Fortunately we have Brandon back now and he can go in and help us."

Sophomore forward David Kravish

On the student section rushing the court after the win
"That was like nothing I have every experienced, that was crazy."

On the called jump ball at the end of the game
"I was boxing my guy out because he is a great rebounder, so I hit him and I saw the ball come down but I didn't have the time to jump up for it. I saw him come down but he kind of brought the ball down so I had my hand on it and I knew I had the jump ball. I was very excited when the ref called jump ball."

On the increased energy levels in the past two games
"At the beginning of the Pac-12, we didn't really recognize what we had to do to win. Coach just kind of got on us at practice every day and no one likes losing. We were just kind of trying to figure it out, and the second half of the Oregon State game we found that energy and that was translated into the first and second half tonight.

On the 22 turnovers the Bears caused
"It was one of the things that we talked about was making sure we pressured the ball a lot. So that they wouldn't be able to execute their offense and we could take some things away, and disrupt them. We really focused on making sure we pressured the ball and make them make mistakes."

Junior forward Richard Solomon

On the student section rushing the court after the win
"I have been here for three years and I have never seen anything like that. It felt kind of good honestly."

On the importance of the win
"It gives us an energy boost, taking care of business at home with the win against Oregon State and the win against Oregon. It gives us a lot of energy as we head out on the road this week. Hopefully we can keep it going."

On the feeling after beating a top-10 team for the first time since 2008
"It was just a good feeling. When we played UNLV, we had a pretty similar situation and they made a shot at the buzzer. We were all just trying to keep in tune with the game and not start celebrating too early. We made sure we were taking care of business until the buzzer sounds, because that is how you make sure slip-ups don't happen."

On the increased energy levels in the past two games
"The coaches got on us a little bit, also as a team collectively we came together. Mentally we are all on the same page, and we just bonded. Our chemistry is really good right now, and we are playing as more of a team now. We have to play with this level of energy for a full forty minutes, not just for twenty and we got a better outcome and it really showed."

On the Bears as a defensive team
"We realized that if we play defense, then the offense will take care of itself. If they can't score then all we have to do is take care of business on offense. We like playing defense and defense wins games."

Oregon Head Coach Dana Altman

On the overall performance
"The guys battled their tails off. We played really hard. The tunrovers and second-chance points were the difference and that really hurts. The guys played really hard and I've got absolutely no problem with their effort at all."

On the offensive performance
"The turnovers are a concern. We only got up 42 shots. Cal took 17 more shots than we did. We turned the ball over 22 times, and that is a big concern. You're not going to score many points with that many turnovers."


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