Cal-Oregon Postgame Quotes

"I'm really, really proud of the way our team played today. I thought the coaches had a very nice plan defensively. That's a feat to stop those guys, to slow them down like our defense did. Coming up
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 07, 2006

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Oct. 7, 2006

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General Comments:
"I'm really, really proud of the way our team played today. I thought the coaches had a very nice plan defensively. That's a feat to stop those guys, to slow them down like our defense did. Coming up with those turnovers was critical in the game. Special teams played a huge role in the game. Offensively, we ran the football and made some good plays in the passing game."

"I really give our offensive line a lot of credit. They made some good hits and were able to block well for the run. It was an overall great team effort."

"I really want to thank the fans for creating the twelfth man today. It was an unbelievable atmosphere here. It was a great day for our players, the University and for our fans. I really appreciate the environment."

On Oregon's First Turnover:
"It was huge. Right out of the chute, to come up with a turnover and have it that close and be able to capitalize and score a touchdown right away was great."


RUNNING BACK Justin Forsett

On coming into the game:
"I knew I had to step it up. You're taught to always be ready. The offensive line did a great job; they made it easy for me. It felt good tonight. I had been going through some hard times, but that comes with being a running back. Sometimes you come up short, but then you finally bust one and I busted one tonight."


On the defensive game plan:
"Coach Gregory put in a new defense just for this game. The team did a great job of learning it. They had our number last year and Coach Foster broke it down for us how they ran on us last year. Our offense was feeding off the defense. The offense can't be stopped right now."


On being in first place:
"Being on the top feels good, but we have to take it one week at a time. Our offense can get better, but it's been really good so far. Coach Tedford and Coach Dunbar have done a great job of putting us in position to make good plays."

On his punt return for a TD:
"I usually try not to run side-to-side. I was just trying to get away. I went to the right, lots of ducks, to the left, lots of ducks. It felt good to hit that hole. It was a good feeling and a good run."


General comments:
"You can't go into somebody's house against a very good football team and turn the ball over as much as we did and expect to win. That's unfortunate. We weren't very efficient on third downs. I thought our defense played well early and then got tired and worn down a little bit, which has been somewhat of a pattern. I'm more concerned with us limiting mistakes and certainly turnovers are the key."

"Defensively, I thought Cal played very well. They took away some of our running game and some things that we've been very successful at. Their defensive tackles were tough to move inside and their ends and linebackers played off the blocks of our edge protectors pretty well. We just need to play with a little bit more intensity."

"I said this was probably the most athletic football team we will have played on both sides of the ball. They are physical up front and they did some really good things. They played well. Am I surprised by how well they played? Yes. It was not what I anticipated."

On Cal pressuring quarterback Dennis Dixon:
"I don't think pressure was a factor. I think it was interesting for Dennis to have some bad throws and mistakes and come back from it. When you don't run the ball or can't run the ball or you're behind and need to throw, obviously it plays into the defense's hands in terms of pressure. I think their run defense was the best thing they did."

On Oregon's first loss this season:
"Cal lost a game on the road early and people had written them off and certainly they have revived themselves very well and played good football. I think we can do the same thing. It's probably not a good gut check but it is a gut check. What we take away from this is that you can't make mistakes and turn the ball over and expect to win on the road."

On Cal's wide receiver DeSean Jackson:
"DeSean Jackson has great speed and he's catching the ball well this year. DeSean Jackson is making plays."

On Cal's quarterback Nate Longshore:
"Nate Longshore is making great passes and he's tough in the pocket. If you don't destroy his rhythm, he can beat you. I think the biggest difference in Cal's team from last year to this year is Nate Longshore. He's the missing ingredient that they didn't have last year."


"It was just a game where I don't think we executed well on offense. We came out and were just a bit antsy, it seemed like, each person. We just needed to settle down and be a little more patient. It's a tough loss, but we're not going to let it beat us twice. This team never gives up and we'll be ready for next week, definitely. It is a little frustrating, but you've just got to keep working. The fact that we didn't get that win is tough."

"They were the better team. They came out in the first quarter and they were ready. We thought we were ready but we just didn't come out to play. It seemed like they were right on top of our whole game plan."

"It was a team effort, and Cal was the better team today. Our biggest enemy is ourselves. The turnovers didn't make a difference. Offensively, we couldn't run the ball. They gave us a lot of looks, disguised it really well up front. We battled, but there's only so much that you can do. They had a pretty good game plan; a lot of times, they kind of knew what we were doing."


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