Cal Post-Game Football Quotes

"We feel good and over in their lockeroom they feel horrible because the difference in the game was an inch or so, some missed field goals and a missed extra point." "Tom Wolleck missed his first fie
By Cal Athletics on Mon, June 21, 1999

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September 20, 1998

Memorial Stadium Norman, Okla.

California Head Coach Tom Holmoe
On the game
"We feel good and over in their lockeroom they feel horrible because the difference in the game was an inch or so, some missed field goals and a missed extra point." "Tom Wolleck missed his first field goal, I think it was left, but he had a strong kick, he came off the field feeling confident and I was confident if we needed him again and he had the opportunity he would come through for us."

On OU's running game
"Gosh, they're good, they put a lot of pressure on our defense. We stacked the line knowing that we had to stop their strength, the run, in order to win. We knew if they got into a passing situation we were in pretty good shape."

"Oklahoma's offense is good. Brandon Daniels is the difference in their running game. Our defense was tired late in the game and Oklahoma nicked us up pretty good."

On the game-winning drive
"I felt going into the game the last team to have the ball might win, that wasn't necessarily the case but we did control the ball long enough and our game-winning field goal drive ran some time off of the clock. When Oklahoma did get the ball they were in poor field position and had to go a long way in a short amount of time to win."

On California's running game
"Marcus Fields made some big runs for us, we knew we had to move the ball on the ground if we were to win. We got some nice runs early and it gave us the confidence that we could move the ball when we had to."

California Senior Justin Vedder
On the game:
"It was a hard fought game by both teams. I don't think that we played very well offensively. Our defense held us in there. Hopefully we can come back next week and get better."

On OU defense:
"OU's defense this year was a little bit more attacking. They mixed it up pretty well, and made it hard on us."

On running the ball:
"We planned on running the ball coming in. We expected to, and we thought that we could. We did it pretty well today."

On his running yards:
"It is a good thing. We got in a situation where we kept driving down and getting big runs. We got in situations where we didn't have to throw, and that is good. Especially late in the game when the clock is running. We never really had the chance to throw the ball."

On the crowd:
"It was real loud one time. The referee said if he could hear us than he can't call a time out. Basically, I was trying to get the referee to call a timeout because we were going to call an audible, and we didn't have time."

California Senior Tim Wolleck
On first field goal:
"I just missed it to the left by a couple of yards. I hit the ball good. I just didn't account for the wind, or hooked it for whatever reason. It was a good hold and snap. I just missed it."

On last field goal:
"I was going through mental preparation. I was visualizing myself going out there and hitting it no problem. I just wanted to go out there relaxed, and treat it like an extra point. I just wanted to kick it like I would any other ball. I hit it pretty good, and luckily it went through the uprights."

On the game:
"We played a good game but there were a lot of mistakes. We played hard so there is nothing we can do. We'll go home, watch film and see if we can make corrections."

OU Coach John Blake
On the game
"I am disappointed that we didn't win. We didn't execute as well as we had hoped. But we have a week off to regroup and concentrate on the Colorado game for Homecoming. The defense executed well and made things happen. Our defense played -- well we got a lot of pressure on their quarterback and forced him to dump the ball.

At times we did execute the option well. Then again, there were times when we simply didn't execute. We knew this was going to be a tough game. I said from the very beginning that Cal is a good football team, so we have to learn from this experience and move on."

On the option:
"I think in the second half we did a better job of reading what they were doing. Brandon looked a lot more comfortable and we did some things to get De'Mond the ball. We had a little success once we made the proper adjustments."

On Ferguson
"I had no idea that Ferguson was sick. I think that he thought that he could overcome the situation. The team has a lot of confidence in him as a kicker and they rally around him. He has the right rhythm and timing."

On Reese not throwing the ball away
"He should have thrown the ball away, because we did have time for another play. We lost a lot of yards, but that is not what lost the ball game. He tried as hard as he could, but he has never been in that situation before."

OU Senior Kelly Gregg
On the game:
"Our offense came out and scored right off the bat, and our job is to keep them from scoring. At times we played well and at times we had some breakdowns. After the first series we calmed down and played pretty well, but it just makes you sick to look at the result. But we have to pick it up and get ready for conference play. That's when it really counts. We have to learn from our mistakes tonight."

On the Sooner offense:
" We just need to take advantage of good opportunities. We need to finish. Even the defense had some good opportunities tonight that we didn't finish. Everyone needs to improve at that."

On Califonia's running game:
" I think we adjusted well after we saw what they were doing, but they did surprise me a little. I thought they were going to throw a lot of short passes, but they kept going back to the run. You have to give them credit, they executed well. We would stop them some, but then we would give up a big play."

OU Junior Jarrail Jackson
On the game:
"I think our offense moved the ball pretty well, but then would get inside the 10 and have a couple of little breakdowns. Those are things we can get corrected and bounce back from. It's really hard to explain. We missed a couple of key blocks and then we would stall out on a drive."


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