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Gary is a good basketball player, and he isn't going to have games like that often (referring to last week's games in the Old Spice Classic). You have to let the game come to you and I think that is
By Cal Athletics on Wed, December 01, 2010

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Dec. 1, 2010

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California head coach Mike Montgomery

On Gary Franklin:
Gary is a good basketball player, and he isn't going to have games like that often (referring to last week's games in the Old Spice Classic). You have to let the game come to you and I think that is the case of a lot of guys trying to force action and trying to do things that just aren't there. You have to let the game come to you and I thought Gary did a much better job of that. The shots that he took were better shots and a lot of the inside shots he will make more often than not. I thought he was patient with the game, penetrated and made some nice passes. He is a good shooter, and four assists to go along with some points is good stuff.

On taking care of the ball:
We made some very poor decisions on some of our passes. We only had 13 turnovers, which is not excessive, but many of them were on forced trying to throw the ball to guys that just weren't available. We have to learn to pick and choose when we try to hit some people and how we make those passes. We had a lot of one-hand passes that are just not sound basketball passes and most of them turned into turnovers. Jorge is playing a new position and we just have to figure it out. Every game we play someone is going to do a different thing. I thought UC Davis did a nice job. They were obviously prepared for what we do. The things that they might have thought we wanted to do they did a good job of taking away. They really jammed up the paint. They really fronted and backside helped, and we didn't do a good job of skipping the ball to other people.

On the defense:
You can't let a guy get 27 points - that would be first and foremost. Understanding that we only had one day to prepare, we emphasized Payne and Harden who score 40 percent of their points, but in this case, they scored 60 percent of their points. They are good players and we didn't do a very good job on them, generally speaking. It was a hard matchup for Harper because Harden plays away from the basket and is a three-point shooter, and I don't think Harper has spent a lot of time out there. I suppose we could have had another matchup and put him on somebody else, which maybe we should have done, but Harper had a hard time and Harden really did a great job.

On Davis pushing the tempo on offense:
They take it out and push it. We didn't do a very good job on transition in the first half in particular. The interesting thing is, they have four guys that can handle the ball, so it doesn't matter who gets it off the boards because all four of their guys push it out, which is a little different. They are running the floor and they hit some threes in transition that we were not back and we needed to do a better job of that. We let them get ahead of us a couple of times and they didn't get much of the break, but in transition, they did because of us losing our men. You watch those guys in warmups and they shoot the ball well and they have a bunch of guys that can shoot the ball.

Freshman Guard Gary Franklin
On feeling more in rhythm this game:

Yesterday I shot 100 free throws and shot an hour after everybody left, so I was just trying to go back to my mechanics and the way I shot in high school.

On what was different tonight from the weekend:
I think it was a mix between a lot of things, with us struggling offensively and trying to get us going a bit, as well as playing out of position is a little tough to adjust to. Tonight, I just came in with the mindset that I was going to take shots in rhythm and shots that I felt good taking.

On changing his mechanics when shooting:
I felt like coming in, a few of the coaches were talking to me about my shot and saying that I should start my form up higher. Having my injury (in high school), I shoot a natural one-handed shot, so I tried to change it a little, but I just have to shoot the way I'm used to from high school.

Sophomore Forward Bak Bak
On his mindset when entering the game:

I was just going to play hard. When we were in Orlando, the coach talked to me and said, `We really need you so don't be scared to make mistakes. Every basketball player makes mistakes, so if you are scared you aren't going to do anything. Just play hard and you will get time to play.' In Orlando, I was really nervous and every time I got in the game, I didn't know what to do. I found out that was affecting me when coach informed of it and I changed everything then.


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