Coach and Player Quotes from Today's Arizona at Cal Game

"Once again our guys battled hard, but it was too much, too little, too late. I know that the end result is going to be that the penalties killed us. There were a couple of personal fouls that were ve
By Cal Athletics on Mon, June 21, 1999

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November 14, 1998

Tom Holmoe:

On Penalties: "Once again our guys battled hard, but it was too much, too little, too late. I know that the end result is going to be that the penalties killed us. There were a couple of personal fouls that were very costly. Against a team ranked number nine in the country you can't play that way; you have to play near perfect ball."

On Arizona's Long TD Run: "I was proud of the way our guys fought. That was a tough team, and we knew going in that they were very balanced. We did a great job on their run game until that guy popped that long run. We were a little shaken with that personal foul, and we just didn't have the resiliency to come back and make a big play after that."

On Next Week: "This game is similar to how we've played all year, and now this season appears to be like how every game has gone. It comes down to the last game to determine whether we're bowl eligible or not. Just like it comes down to the last minute in some of our games this year to determine whether we're going to win the game."

"We've got to be upbeat going into this last week. This is a very good team, and our guys battled. We are not happy with the results by any stretch of the imagination, but we have one week against our archrival. There's a lot riding on the game, because we've got a chance to go to a bowl game. What more could you ask for? That's what it's all about. We're coming down to the last week for all of the marbles."

On the Onside-kick: We wanted to see if we could get a chance to get the ball. We figured that we could have kicked it back there and let our defense defend, but we also figured that our defense would stop them if we tried the onside-kick. Without the onside-kick we don't have a chance, but with it we have a chance to get it one more time."

On Dameane Douglas: "I think he played his "average" game, which is pretty tremendous. He did it against a great kid. It was a great match-up between Douglas and Chris McCalister. McCalister is a fine player."

Cal Player Quotes:

Albert Dorsey

"We beat ourselves."

"We played hard we just had a lot of mental mistakes."

On Dameane Douglas: "He's one special player. He kept us in the ballgame."

"We just have to get this game behind us and, tomorrow, start focusing on Stanford."

"(Going to a bowl) was one of our goals over the summerand we still have that chance."

Marcus Fields

"I feel a little more comfortable. The line and the fullback have been doing a great job of opening things up for me."

"Yeah, I feel these last couple of weeks (the offensive line) has done a great job."

Justin Vedder

"No matter what, I don't care what our record is, we have to win next week. That's the most important thing. I'll let everyone else take care of everything after that. I just want to go out and compete, like I did in the end, and go out and beat Stanford."

On Dameane Douglas' critical diving catch during the fourth quarter scoring drive: "I tried to throw it to him and he made a great catch as usual, he makes the play."

On Dameane Douglas: "He's probably the greatest competitor I've ever played with in my entire life, on the football field, anywhere. I've never seen a guy compete like that. He's got to be close to the Pac-10 record and I'm sure as hell going to give him a chance to do it next week."

On losing another close game: "It's kind of like our season, we've had a lot of opportunities. This team could easily have eight wins or nine wins and we have five."

"We look at (next week's game against Stanford) as an opportunity to go out and get the axe. That's what our job is and that's what we're going to do."

Arizona Head Coach Dick Tomey

General comments on the game "I have to give credit to Cal. Cal was the most physical team we've played this year. They kept coming at us. They played tough and they played hard. Our guys feel fortunate to win. The game could have gone either way. We're glad to get this one. We had to get pressure (on Cal's quarterback) because they have good receivers and they can make big plays. This was the kind of game both teams want to win. Both teams played so hard. They really spilled it all out there."

"We've gotten good defense all season. Our defense is very young. They've started to grow up a little bit this year."

On Arizona's record "Six wins on the road is real special. We're thrilled to death with 10 wins. No Arizona team has ever had 10 wins. But I'm not gonna think about this game as much as I'm gonna think about these players and their achievement. They're what makes this special."

On Cal's punter Nick Harris/special teams play "Nick Harris is a good kicker. But when you're able to block one, if you get a punt blocked, I think it can be a devastating thing for your special teams."

On Cal's missed extra point "That changed the game. But it's just part of the game. We all do things we'd like to do over, but you don't get to."

On Cal's WR Dameane Douglas "Douglas is a heck of a receiver. I think Douglas had some good plays and (Arizona DB) Chris McAlister had some good plays. Douglas is very strong and he's very competitive. I think those are his best qualities."

Opponent Player Quotes: Arizona Wildcats

Arizona Quarterback Keith Smith

On the Cal-Arizona series: "It's funny, but it seems like every time it comes down to the wire. The last couple of times we've had to come down to OT (overtime). So, like today, with only two seconds left, I wasn't thinking about celebrating. I wasn't even thinking about celebrating. You've got to keep playing hard all sixty minutes until the end."

On whether Cal's defense is the best he's faced all year: "Yes. I'd have to say yes. They challenged our receivers and played a lot of man-to-man coverage. But they (Arizona's receivers) came through and made some big catches. Everybody contributed on our passing game. We needed to do it, otherwise we knew they'd bring their safeties up to try and stop the run."

Arizona cornerback Chris McAllister

On playing against Cal at Memorial Stadium: "We played against the refs, we played against the fans. The fans were against us the whole time. We knew that we would have to play hard and try to make big plays. We had to try to run the clock out to win the game. We didn't want for it to come down to the end, but that's what happened."

On playing against Cal receiver Dameane Douglas: "He can play. I can't take nothing from him. He got the catches that he got. He's a good competitor. He talks, but we all talk. I was talking trash to him, and he was doing the same to me. But when the game's over, we've got nothing but love for each other."


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