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On the quarterback depth chart going into 2009 fall camp: "All three (Kevin Riley, Brock Mansion and Beau Sweeney) will get a lot of opportunities. Once we get to camp, we'll see if they separate the
By Cal Athletics on Sat, April 18, 2009

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April 18, 2009

HEAD COACH Jeff Tedford

On the quarterback depth chart going into 2009 fall camp:
"All three (Kevin Riley, Brock Mansion and Beau Sweeney) will get a lot of opportunities. Once we get to camp, we'll see if they separate themselves."

On the team's performance this spring:
"A lot of learning has gone on. That's what spring is all about. I was really encouraged by the attitude and work ethic. I think we are doing just fine."

On wide receiver Marvin Jones:
"He did a great job (in spring ball). He probably had the most solid spring of any receiver on the club. It's nice to see him healthy. Last year, he would have been a strong contributor, but he got hurt. He's had a great spring this year, and we are really looking for him to make a very strong contribution in the fall."

On wide receiver Alex Lagemann:
"He's another one that I really think is going to be in the rotation in the fall. He's done great things in the spring. It's nice to see him healthy as well. He's really always battled injuries here. But now that he's healthy, he's doing a nice job catching the football, running the offense and running routes. I really believe he's going to do a nice job for us."

On the importance of receivers stepping up to support the team's run game:
"It's big. We can't be one-dimensional. We have got to be able to throw the football, which encompasses everything. It encompasses pass protection, route running, catching the football, quarterback accuracy - the whole thing. It's not just one thing. It's absolutely important to be able to throw the football effectively."

On running back Jahvid Best's availability for training camp:
"He'll be ready."

More on Jahvid Best's availability:
"He's running now. He feels pretty good, but I don't know exactly what his return date will be. He's running on the field now. There's no pain at all where the surgery was. The only soreness he has is around the muscles because he hasn't used them, but that will recover quickly."


On defensive end Cameron Jordan:
"He's got a chance to be very good. He had a very good spring. He practiced hard in the spring. He plays very hard. He played the run better this spring. You know every defensive end wants to rush the quarterback, and that's natural. But he's learned to become a better defensive run player."

On the safety position:
"I feel good about the mix of guys we have there. Between Marcus Ezeff, Brett Johnson, Sean Cattouse, and unfortunately Chris Conte's been hurt, but the few days that he did play there this spring he did a nice job. I think we have a little bit of depth there. I think it's going to be a three-way deal (in terms of playing time) with Sean, Brett and Marcus. They are interchangeable at the two safety spots."

On what the safeties need to do to separate themselves:
"It's not really one thing. They all just have to continue to improve in everything they do. It's hard to say `if you just do this one thing.' It's how you play the run, how you see things, how you play the pass, how you make an open field tackle. We try to look at the whole deal and see which guy is playing the most consistent. It's not like one guy has got a total edge over another. They are all very close. All three are going to play. There's no doubt about that."


On the state of his rehabilitation from surgery following the 2008 season:
"I've been running for about a week and a half now. I feel pretty good. My leg gets a little sore after running, but while I'm doing it I'm fine. I'm running with no restrictions. The next steps are to work on cutting and putting more weight on it in the weight room. I'm real antsy (to get back on the field). Today is killing me to watch those guys out there (scrimmaging)."

On the Cal offense:
"I think our running game is going to be strong again, and I think the passing game has come a long way. Once we have the passing game down pat, the options are limitless. I feel like the team could be really good."

On the Cal defense:
"The defense is doing great, but the defense is always looking really good. They are probably the best defense we play all year, so going against these guys (in practice and scrimmages) is like playing your best opponent every time."


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