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"We got down to the two there and we tried to punch it in a couple of times and actually tried to throw a pass and they stiffened up, and then (on the) last play tried to put it in the end zone for Ke
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 24, 2011

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Sept. 24, 2011

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

Will you take me through the last few plays?
"We got down to the two there and we tried to punch it in a couple of times and actually tried to throw a pass and they stiffened up, and then (on the) last play tried to put it in the end zone for Kennan Allen. Just over thrown and didn't give him a chance to catch it."

How did you feel about settling for field goals?
"We had to settle for field goals. No doubt. You get to the red zone and you like to come home with touchdowns. We had some opportunities down there and it comes down to making plays. In tight games against good opponents in conference you have to come up with more touchdowns than field goals. We didn't today. And penalties, as far as letting them out of their territory, and penalties on special teams that pushed them deep even though we did a really nice job of getting back out of there, but we started a couple times. Those are things that come back to bite you."

On the roughing the passer call in the fourth quarter?
"That's a huge call right there. I didn't see it. That's a huge call. They are backed up deep and they are going to punt out to us at that point. And then they go ahead and go down and score. So that was obviously a huge play."

How concerned are you about giving up big chunks of yards?
"Well very concerned. You have to give them a lot of credit number one. Keith Price does a really nice job of keeping things going with his legs and he has a lot of weapons out there. But you have to play better. You have to be able to corral him. We got him a couple of times, but he slipped away. You have to tackle him. You have to wrap him up. Same with the back, you have to wrap them up. So, they made great plays. They made more plays than we did. It was a great football game, but if you don't do the things you need to do, then that's what happens."

The fourth down play on the goal line, has that been good to you guys?
"We scored against Colorado and it was open again. We have just got to give Kennan Allen a chance to catch the ball. You give your best player a chance to go out and make a play in the end zone and so that was the reason for that."

Cal Players

QB Zach Maynard

About Cal's last offensive play:
"I felt like I gave him a good ball and it just aired on me all the way to the sideline. I tried to give him a chance to get the ball. It's on me."

Was communication with the line a factor today?
"We did a great job today with communication. It was very loud here; fans came out to support the Huskies. (During the final drive) It wasn't too bad; we had to go on a couple of silent cadences."

How was the confidence in the huddle during the final drive?
"Last game, in the Colorado game, we had to go on the last drive. (This week) We did a good job. We were all ready for it. We practiced it two or three times in the week and we did a good job of going all the way down to try to score."

On the Washington offense:
"They did a great job today. The offense for Washington did a great job. We were back and forth the whole time and we should have scored a couple more (touchdowns) instead of field goals."

Defensive Lineman Trevor Guyton

Thoughts on the game:
"We didn't do enough on defense to win the game. We lost. That's what happens. We've got to get better next week and the coming week after that. As bad as it hurts we can't think about this too long. The offense held up their part of the game and we (the defense) didn't. We came up short and the whole team suffers."

What was the key to limiting Chris Polk's effectiveness on the ground?
"As a D-line, we always pride ourselves on not giving up the run, especially the run between the tackles. Still, we would've liked to hold him to less yards. It wasn't enough to win the game; we've got to get better."

You now have a bye week and you can use it to rest your bodies a little bit:
"Not after this. We've got to get after it. We can't afford to rest up or do anything like that. We've got to go hard."

DB Sean Cattouse

What were they doing on third and long that seemed to perplex you all?
"We had them set a couple of times. We knew what they were going to run and a couple of times they hit us and threw long for a touchdown. We had some bad eyes on those. It was definitely execution, every play honestly should work. It's on us. Execution."

On the 70-yd touchdown by Polk:
"It was an honest mistake. They made a play, a good one-on-one play."

Are there any problems with morale?
"None. We're going to go into this bye week tomorrow. The leaders of this team already spoke and we are going to make sure there are no moral issues."

On Austin Seferian-Jenkins:
"I don't know if he was exceptional, if he did anything too well. No disrespect to him, but I don't think he changed the way we approached anything at all. He wasn't the biggest of our issues. I think we defended him well."

WR Marvin Jones

Do you have any concerns on morale?
"We're a very confident team, and we are going to bounce back."

On the sideline catch dragging his foot:
"We'd been practicing that all week. I was wearing my big cleats today. If I were wearing my smaller ones I'd probably have a couple of more inches, but yeah, I knew I was in because I dragged my foot."

How was the confidence in the huddle on that last drive?
"We felt like we had it. We had a lot of confidence, and practicing in that situation with the clock on the line, we felt like we had it."

Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian

Opening Statement:
"Well I continue to be thoroughly impressed with our football team's resiliency. This group of guys, they have huge hearts, are tough-minded, their ability to deal with adversity and focus with the task at hand is pretty amazing to me. We preach it all the time and you get what you preach in a sense, but these guys have been hard-nosed and mentally tough. Were we perfect? No. But what a great win for our guys. There were a lot of great moments within the game, a lot of tough moments but at the end of the day something we have preached all along here is about finishing and our ability to finish today was evident."

On Cal:
"I tip my hat to Cal, that's a really good football team. They are very talented physically, have good coaching and good schemes but we were able to make some plays at the end to finish them off."

On the UW defense:
"Resilient. Tough. Cal is good. No. 21 (Keenan Allen) is a heck of a player, so is No. 1 (Marvin Jones), their QB, and we knew it coming in. It was unfortunate that we had some times where we had double coverage on those guys and they were still getting open but that's what great players do. But, to find a way to get a stop when a team has first and goal on your 2-yard line, and to stop them four snaps in a row is pretty impressive."

On the second half:
"We had a huge second half. They only scored three points. I wish we didn't have two turnovers offensively because I think we had some things that we could do and we shot ourselves in the foot with the two fumbles, but all-in-all the second half was huge for our defense, especially to hold an explosive offense to three points. What we were seeing from them (Cal) wasn't changing. We had a pretty good idea of what they were going to do and we had a couple of critical pass breakups by Cort (Dennison), Tru (Desmond Trufant) had a few as well and we were around the ball a little be more. We were getting tighter on our coverage. I think our pass rush started to come better, forcing a few bad throws and we were better on first downs to where we could put them in longer third and longs and fourth downs to get off the field."

Washington Players

WR Jermaine Kearse

On the explosive offense 1ine the first half:
"We were just executing our plays, and everyone was doing their assignment, so it worked out well."

On what the offense attacked on Cal's defense:
"Most of the big plays we made were off scramble plays. Keith (Price) felt some pressure, and scrambled around the pocket. We knew he could move around like that in there and we just created some explosive plays off of them."

On starting the season 3-1:
"It means a lot to our team. Just getting off to a great start and being able to carry that momentum through the season is awesome."

On what must improve against Utah:
"We have to be more consistent. Not going up and down, just staying up when we're playing well and playing very consistently."

OL Senio Kelemete

What was the offensive key to the game?
"We wanted to run the ball well and protect Keith [Price]. The thing that we really need to work on is helping out Keith so he can have time and open up the holes for Chris Polk so we can open up the play action. That will really help our offense."

What do you think of Keith Price four games into the season?
"I think he is doing great. I just love his attitude, you know. He will take a big hit and get right back up and get the team going again. He does it all with a big old smile on his face and just seeing that gets me jacked up to play. He is doing really good and I like that he is just bringing his `A Game' for every play."

How does it feel to be 1-0 in the Pac-12?
"I feel great, you know. We have to take it one game at a time, but it feels great to start off with a win."

DT Alameda Ta'amu

What was the defensive key coming into the game?
"We needed to get penetration and stop the run. A lot of focus on getting penetration. I thought we did alright as a whole."

What was the feeling in the huddle after Cal's 4th down completion on the final drive?
"Keep giving us another down to stop them. We knew that as long as they gave us another down we would stop them before they scored."

What was the feeling on the 4th and goal play on Cal's last drive?
"I knew that we would stop them. I knew. I had trust in my corners, I trusted my linebackers, I trusted my safeties, and I trusted my D-line to make a play."


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