Marianne Stanley's Tuesday Media Lunch Press Comments
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  01/19/2000

Jan. 19, 2000

BERKELEY - California women's basketball head coach Marianne Stanley sat down with the Bay Area media Tuesday, Jan. 18, at Blakes Restaurant on campus to discuss the season and the upcoming Stanford game. A sampling of her comments follow.

On Cal Not Getting Any Breaks This Year
"A combination of things occurring at the same time, including injuries, and us being in a stretch of seven-of-nine games on the road hasn't helped us at a time when we need to get some confidence. We're so close to a win. Four or five possessions could make the difference. That's not an excuse. That's just analyzing it. That's the reality of the situation. It just doesn't make it any easier on anybody to make a play or try to make something happen."

On The Team's Mental State
"I don't think there's any carry over at all from a year ago. I don't have an explanation for you. For awhile there, we lost to teams every way you could from the free throw line. We've had opportunities to win convincingly and haven't seized those opportunities. That's not from a lack of understanding or wanting to. How do you explain at Santa Clara for instance...two things beat us. We were inpatient at times. That's been sort of the thread through all of this, not being patient in certain situations. And, missing 12 free throws in a game that was decided by four points. And, some of those are the front end of one-and-ones. There's probably more free throws there. I don't know a way to coach out of that other than to shoot free throws a lot, which we do, and always have, and in every possible circumstance you can think of. "

On Whether The Little Things Are the Difference In Cal's Games This Season
"I think we haven't pulled away from people when we've clearly had opportunities. Another one...Wake Forest. We shoot 15 percent in one half, 48 in the other. We're not a 15 percent shooting team. We're more like a 45 or 46 percent shooting team. We've had games where from one half to the next there's been no consistency. Rather than to suggest in the final couple minutes we don't capitalize on things, that first 20 minutes we had makable shot after makable shot, and that's going to cost you in the long run. You're putting yourself in a close situation at the end when you could have seized command early on and not be in that situation in the first place."

On What Cal Needs To Do Against Stanford Friday
"We'll focus on nothing but them for the next three days and come up with something to help us be competitive. The problem is that they shoot so well from the outside, and they also have an inside game. We historically play well at there place. Our kids will be emotionally ready to go. The biggest problem is how do you compensate for not having some of the people that are hurt. Everyone else has to step up and play even better. "