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Women's Soccer Player Emi Lawson Recaps This Week's Meeting
By Cal Athletics on Wed, February 26, 2014

The GBAC Report recaps the bi-weekly Golden Bear Advisory Committee meeting on campus. GBAC is a council made up of approximately 10 percent of Cal’s student-athlete population who represent their teams in decision-making about events and activities, providing feedback to administration and input on NCAA rules and regulations.

Today’s recap comes from Emi Lawson of the women's soccer team.


At 7 p.m., people started trickling into the Cronk Meeting Room and loading up their plates with what we college kids love best – free food! I filled up on pasta salad and pita with hummus and they must have changed the sauce because the chicken wings were especially tasty this week!

By 7:10, despite the start of midterm season, the room was full of GBACers ready to discuss and plan the several events we have coming up in March. We started the meeting off, as we often do, with the Wagon Wheel icebreaker. The group is split in two, and one half creates a circle and the other creates another circle around them so everyone is facing a partner. We asked each other questions like, what’s your favorite candy? Along with the typical answers like Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, and Twix, the international students introduced the group to several new types of candy!

After rotating, we found ourselves with a new partner and were tasked with creating an original “foot-shake” — many tried, only some succeeded. One of the most exciting ones came from Jose Carrera-Garcia and Jeffrey Langenstein, who performed a standing back-flip as the finale to the foot-shake.

After the back-flips, we were back to business. In partnership with the Tang Center and Party Safe, we helped them by completing a survey. Party Safe is an organization on campus whose objectives are to provide students with information about how to stay safe in party situations and to compile data to get an accurate picture of the social/alcohol-related activities on our campus.

Next up, one of our own members and current rugby player Blake Simons told the group about the upcoming suicide prevention walk taking place on our campus. In addition to having walks in major cities like San Francisco, the American Federation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) partners with college campuses across the country to put on events to raise funds and awareness about suicide prevention. The Cal campus event is taking place on March 9thand will have a strong student-athlete presence.

On March 11th Cal athletes will also be out in full force for the fifth annual "Jog for Jill." GBAC representatives are responsible for leading their team in fundraising efforts that will go toward the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation dedicated to research and treatment. The event gives the campus an opportunity to come together for a great cause and remember Jill's Legacy.

The final part of our meeting was spent voting on and beginning to plan events we want to host later this semester. There were two top choices. The first was a player-coach field day where athletes and their coaches compete with and against each other in events like the potato sack and three-legged race. This event would give us an opportunity to interact with coaches and other players in the Cal family outside of the field, court, pool, or gym. The second was a date auction. The goal is to invite alumni and the greater community to have the chance to win a “date” with a team on campus (for example, people could bid on playing a round of golf with the golf team).

Next meeting we begin planning our biggest event of the year— THE OSKIS!  Go Bears!



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