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Cal-ASU Postgame Quotes

Cal-ASU Postgame Quotes
By Cal Athletics on Wed, January 29, 2014

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game tying shot

“We knew what they were going to run, whatever good that does us. They ran hammer. We drew it up in the timeout. We knew what they were going to do. We emphasized not giving up the three. We wanted to switch everything. The big didn’t at least show out or anything. We said look if they get a two they get a two but let’s not give up a three. We didn’t want to foul with 25 seconds to go. I think that’s too much. We could have, obviously, in retrospect. But who knows what would have happened. They would have fouled us and we weren’t shooting foul shots great. In terms of preparing for what they might do, they did it. We just didn’t defend it.”

On the overtime period

“Emotionally, we have a hard time when things go wrong. We have a hard time adjusting and reacting to that. They made some plays and we got down four. Then our body language kind of goes down. They got a second life with the three. So the energy swung to them.”

On the slow start

“Teams are playing better than we are. There’s no mystery about starting the game. It’s the game of basketball. You’ve got to make plays. You’ve got to make shots, you’ve got to defend. Carson came down the floor a million miles an hour and ran right into us. It’s hard to defend a guy like that. They really ran the floor early. They got there at one point and the disparity in fast break points was pretty bad…. Where they were getting points out of the break and we were getting nothing. Their wings really ran. They got down the floor. Carson is really fast and they put us in some foul situations. They got us back on our heels. As far as starting I think Sam did a good job when he went in because he moved the ball and got everybody moving around. I thought that helped us. I thought we were kind of sticky with the ball. They were packing the paint and daring us to shoot the three. One of things we’re struggling with right now is we’re not shooting the ball very well. We’ve just got to keep working.”

On the Pac-12

“This league is tough. There’s teams fighting for upper half, there’s teams fighting for top ten, there are teams fighting for everything. You can’t just break it down and say, well, this…It’s every game and every team. If you looked at Arizona State they looked pretty good. It’s night after night. That’s how leagues shake themselves out and how people end up where they do in the standings. They’re going to have to compete every night out. That’s the way it should be. That’s what athletics is about. It’s not about a bunch of front runners who only want to play good when you’re playing good and you only want to be excited when things go your way you’re not going to have much luck. You’ve got to find a way to fight through adversity. You’ve got to find a way collectively to make things happen. That’s just the way it is and the way it should be.”


California Players

Justin Cobbs, Senior Guard

On the overtime period:

“They played better than we did.”

On ASU’s three pointer to tie it in regulation:

“I didn’t see the play, I was on the back side. But we were supposed to switch everything and he knocked down a good shot.”

On the upcoming Arizona game:

“We have to win. We can’t keep losing games at home.  We’ve dropped three straight so we have to perform, we have to win.”

Tyrone Wallace, Sophomore Guard

On Coach Montgomery’s post-game message:

“He said we need to start off stronger.  We got down big and fought back but we gave it back to them.  We had the lead, they hit the three to go into overtime and we didn’t execute in overtime.”

On ASU’s offensive rebound:

“Those were huge.  We try to limit every team to one shot.  Obviously when they get offensive rebounds, we’re probably not in the right position so they’re getting put backs.  We just have to keep working.”


Arizona State Head Coach Herb Sendek

On the game

“Obviously basketball is a game of runs and with the three point shot and all the things that happen in sports you don’t have control over what happens, you just have to make the next play. Clearly, you have to give Cal a lot of credit for coming back, they kept battling but then I am so proud of our guys, Jermaine hits the big shot and sends it into overtime, our guys kept their poise and composure and played the last five minutes very well.”

“Jahii is a special talent, you know, obviously we rely on him to do so much for us. He had a terrific game tonight with twenty-nine points.”

On their defense

“Cal is a very good offensive team, they have a lot of weapons and are difficult to defend. Even though we thought we played pretty good defense, they still shot forty-eight percent in the first half and even better in the second with fifty-three and it wasn’t until the overtime when they went three for eleven that our defense put it all together.”

On the win on the road

“I wish it counted as two but it just counts as one. Winning on the road or at home is difficult in this league. I hope the nation is watching and discovering just what a great conference the PAC-12 is.”


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