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Postgame Quotes: Cal-Southern Utah

Postgame quotes
By Cal Athletics on Mon, November 18, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

 On the game

“We substituted a lot early.  It seemed pretty obvious that they were a little bit out-matched.  We could’ve stayed with a real tight rotation and we probably would have solved the zone but we were a little surprised that they played zone. In the two other games they played, they didn’t play any zone at all. But if you had watched us the other night, you’re probably going to try a zone. We’ve got to learn to attack the zone better, that’s part of the learning process. We’re not very good at getting the ball into the paint. Their inside guys, that’s where their veterans are. The inside guys are pretty tough, they’re big strong kids. Their inexperience is on the perimeter.”

“I played 13 guys in the first half. That’s probably not good for rhythm but I felt that guys practice every day so they deserve an opportunity. I wanted to try to get them in the first half. We had 11 guys play double figure minutes and I’m sure that hurt our continuity.”

We’ve been working on getting through screens. I don’t think our guys quite understand what it means to fight through screens, especially the freshman and they kept getting screened. I don’t think we played hard enough in the second half.”


Richard Solomon

On his nightly contribution…

“I would love to show up with it every night…you just have to take what the other team gives you offensively and defensively…and just playing harder puts you in better spots to be more active and get rebounds, block shots, get steals…playing harder and getting more active.”

On if he thinks he’s more aggressive this year…

“I think so, I mean hope so. I’m more focused coming out, I’m tying to focus on playing harder. I’m trying to take every possession like it’s my last possession. I want to play hard. I want to be efficient. I just want to get better, individually and collectively.”

On working with Kameron Rooks…

“I’m just trying to push him as much as I can. This being my last year, I want him to soak everything up…just how to play aggressive, he has to use his body, to get every rebound. I’m trying to help him everyday, I go at him every day to try to make him better. I talk to him, I try to stay in his ear every time he makes a play, every time he does something, I’m in his ear trying to encourage him just to be better. He’s 10 steps ahead of where he was when he first came here. He’s getting better, he’s going to be a good player when it’s all said and done.”

David Kravish 

On Richard Solomon…

“He’s just taking charge out there. He’s not being passive in terms of defense, rebounding, or when he gets the ball, he’s going to make sure the other guy is working to stop him and if he gets stopped he’s not just going to force over the shot. He’s just taking charge out there.”

 On being able to play everyone…

“That’s a great thing, that’s not always the case. It’s rough for those guys who don’t play sometimes. So it’s always great when you can get out there and the team’s playing hard and we get a big lead and everybody can get in there, get their burn, and run up and down and have some fun. At the end of the day it’s a game and we’re all playing to have fun, so it’s always good when everyone can get out there.”


Southern Utah Head Coach Nick Robinson 

On the game

“Cal played extremely well tonight. They are obviously a very good basketball team, very well coached and they were flat out better than we were. It was a good experience to play against a coach who gave me an opportunity to play Division I basketball. There were some similarities in the offenses but his team tonight was more disciplined defensively, they did a great job on the boards, obviously hit open shots that we weren't capable of hitting. It was a great opportunity to coach against a Hall of Fame coach.”


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