Postgame Quotes: Cal-Oakland

Postgame quotes
By Cal Athletics on Fri, November 15, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game

“I think we were fortunate. Oakland played harder than we did. They came in really focused. They came in with nothing to lose. They had the issues with the kids and I think they came together and looked at each other and just said let’s go play and not worry about anything else. They definitely played harder than we did. We were late to loose balls. We weren’t very attentive to details. We got ourselves in trouble. We gave them confidence. They were physical. They rebounded the ball well. They controlled the tempo and they had two or three kids who made some plays. It was fortunate that Jabari had a real nice game from three. Other guys were having trouble getting clean shots and Jabari jumped up and saved us from deep. Justin made free throws down the stretch and Richard rebounded the ball. I thought Ricky Kreklow played really well as far as the glue guy that did a lot of little thing. They were smart. They had good concepts. We didn’t attack very intelligently. It was the notion that we weren’t going to have to pay attention and could still win. That’s really bad way to approach any game on our schedule. We are simply not good enough to go into a game and have that mental approach. We’ve got to focus and concentrate. There are way too many good teams across the country with good players. If you give a team a chance it’ll come back and bite you.

On the second half comeback

“It’s not always a very focused group. They’re a little more happy go lucky than they need to be sometimes in terms of preparing to play the game. It’s kind of an art. You have to figure out what you need to do to get ready. There’s times when you know you don’t quite have it…. You had to find some way to get yourself riled up. We’ve got to learn how to do that. We look at it like somebody else is going to do it. Somebody else will grab that ball. I don’t have to do this…. We’re not good enough to be able to do that. We don’t have a guy that’s just going to make every play. That being said we played a little bit harder the second half. But they didn’t go away just because we had started to play. We had given them confidence.”

On the offensive struggles

“It was really hard to penetrate. It’s a 1-1-3 and I ran it for three years. It’s different zone. There are areas that you have to attack. We have a couple guys that like to get in and drive the ball and there’s not too much room to go. We didn’t attack it very intelligently. We didn’t throw it inside nearly enough. They couldn’t have defended us if we had thrown it inside a little bit more. We were reluctant to do that. They play up top and they drop a guard down. We got their bigs in foul trouble but we could have really caused them a problem if we got it inside a bit more.”

On if the lesson of preparation was learned

“I would have hated to lose that one in order to learn a lesson. There’s going to be other games we’re not going to be able to win. I told them before the game that if we lose this one, I hope it’s not because we’re not ready to play. I hope it’s because the other team played better. You can’t come out and not be ready to play. We’ve got a lot of young kids. Ricky is a kid that did a lot of little things that helped us win that won’t show up in the stat sheets. That’s his nature and that’s what he does and that’s why it’s important to have somebody like that. We’ve got Southern Utah on Monday and then we go to Maui. Anything less than your best is not going to work. We’re going to get to a point where anything less than our best is not good enough. We’ve got to figure out how to get ourselves ready to play.”


Justin Cobbs

On Oakland’s zone defense

“I think they were just playing hard; they were moving; they were active in the zone, covering the guys they need to cover, and stopping guys from getting shots. I give credit to them they played well and we didn’t come out with enough intensity. We learned our lesson today.”

On Jabari Bird’s confidence as a freshman

“There’s nothing that makes him confident, that’s just Jabari. That’s what type of player he is; he does it every day in practice. Big time players make big time plays; that’s what Jabari did tonight. I’m just proud he’s on our team tonight. He did his thing tonight.”

On Sam Singer

“I like Sam in the game. Sam’s a good point guard, good body, great shooter. I have no problem with Sam in the game. He does a lot of things for us that help us, to move me to the 2 so I can score sometimes…but Sam’s a good player, so I have no problem with Sam playing whenever need be.”

Jabari Bird

On the halftime pep talk

“We had five minutes alone, just sitting there silent, and then he came in and talked to us like it was a regular game…and then right before we walked out he said we need to get the energy up and play like we know we can.”

On whether there was hesitation for his big shot

“Basically, I caught it and was open and had been hitting three’s all night, so if we were going to lose this game, I wanted to lose the game with that…but it went in and we won.”

On his preparation for the game

“I was really motivated going into tonight’s game. I didn’t think I played that well the previous game, so I really looked to be aggressive tonight and tried to make plays for my team.”



Oakland Head Coach Greg Kampe

On the game

“This loss taught us something in that we’ve gone into these games against the teams that we’ve been playing saying that sure, we can make it closer and play better, if we control tempo, but that’s not how we like to play. We like to run and shoot. So let’s just play these teams and what happens is that we are flying up and down the floor and they’ve got more athletes than we do. But because of the short bench tonight, I couldn’t do that, so we changed our game plan and we decided to control tempo and make them grind it out on offense and really defend them the best we can and we knew that the game would come down to rebounding and it did. It cost us the game, we didn’t get the key rebound.”

With the way you changed your style, does it give you anything moving forward?

“With this group of kids, I think yes. I think we proved tonight that we can defend, we can defend high major athletes. I think the kids believed in it. I think that maybe we learned a little bit about ourselves and that our style of play needs to me a bit more methodical.”


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