Cal-Portland State Postgame Quotes

Coaches and players assess the Bears' 37-30 victory
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 07, 2013

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On the start of the game:
“I was a little bit shocked. They came out with something completely different than last week. We thought we would see that; they basically played one defense last week and were very vanilla on offense. They came out with a new scheme, got into some bunched sets and leveraged us. They did a good job getting the ball on the perimeter and we did not tackle well. They blocked us pretty well, and had some guys covering us up, but we didn't tackle. That is just good fundamental stuff. Once we made some adjustments, our guys started to tackle better. I challenged our guys at half time. I got after our team and challenged them to play better and to compete better. I was not happy with our demeanor in the first half. That falls directly on me, I did a poor job preparing our team."

On true freshmen RB Khalfani Muhammad and QB Jared Goff:
"We got some production from both of those guys. Khalfani had about 150 yards of total offense between receiving and rushing. He made a couple of big plays and played with some toughness. Quite frankly, he has been the most consistent of our backs. Jared did some good things. He had 485 yards passing, completed 33 balls; he is going to continue to get better. Our timing wasn't quite as good as it was last week on our intermediate throws. We've got to get that cleaned up. We had a lot of easy throws that we typically make and execute, and we didn't do as well this week. I want to make sure I give Portland State credit, that is a good football team and we were fortunate to win. They outplayed us and outcoached us and we were fortunate to win."

On Cal's halftime defensive adjustments:
"We just had to make sure we leveraged some of their formations better. They had pretty good angles on us early. We changed some gap assignments and moved our linebackers so we couldn't be leveraged as easily."

On Cal's defensive line:
"I thought we got some pressure today, especially in some critical positions. Still, we have got to keep getting more and more. We just haven't been able to get the push up front that we need to get. Deandre (Coleman) is a heck of a player and he will do better and play better."

On WR James Grissom:
"I think he has a chance to be (a major contributor). He is going to keep getting better and better the more he plays. He gives 100% effort all the time."

On S Damariay Drew:
"He is starting to emerge as a player. He is showing up more and more in practice. He is young, and hasn't played a lot of football. He is having some growing pains and tackled pretty well. He'll continue to get better every week."

On the Super Bone formation:
"Right down the stretch it gave us a couple of good matchups to run the football. We made some pretty critical first downs to run the clock out and end the ballgame. I was frustrated with our offense. We had opportunity after opportunity to go up two scores and for all intents and purposes cement the win, and we just didn't do it. I was proud of our guys getting those first downs to run the clock out."

On the Cal defense:
"We just have to do a better job, it is up to me to get our guys ready to play. I think we made huge progress to give up as many yards as we did in the first half and as few as we did in the second half. We definitely got better and I thought we made some adjustments that gave us a chance to win the ballgame. You have who you have, that is your football team. You are always going to have some injuries and your team has to step up."





Jared Goff, QB

On the offensive game plan:
“Every week we come out and whatever works, works. The past few weeks the pass has worked well, so we stuck with it, went out and did everything we do.”

On the offense’s performance:
“(It was) not very good. We can get a lot better as a team. They’re a great team, Portland State. They came in and surprised us. I’m not saying we were not ready for an FCS team, but they surprised us with their speed. We should have played a lot better than we did, and we’ll need to get better next week.”

On the offensive line:
“They did a great job. I flushed out of the pocket too fast on a few of those sacks, and that’s my fault. Overall the line did a good job.”

On if he’s surprised to pass for over 400 yards in two consecutive games:
“Not with the way we’re passing the ball and with the receivers I have. I think we should be doing stuff like that every game. With the receiver talent we have, it’s more them than it is me. I just give them the ball and they run. You saw Richard Rodgers go 75 yards. Bryce (Treggs), Chris (Harper) and those guys do a great job.”

On getting his first collegiate win:
“A win is a win. I wasn’t very happy with the performance, but it’s nice to get the first win under your belt. At the same time, we have a lot of stuff we need to work on and get better with for this next week. We will. We’ll practice, get the kinks out and be ready to go.”

Khalfani Muhammad, RB

On his 33-yard run:
“That was a great run. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing green. That’s all I saw. Unfortunately I didn’t get a touchdown, but there are plenty more opportunities coming.”

On adjustments the team needs to make against Ohio State:
“This past week we focused on Portland State. We haven’t gone over Ohio State. Starting tomorrow that’s what we’ll focus on, and that’s when the adjustments will come.”

Jalen Jefferson, LB

On Portland State’s offense:
“They came out in a formation we’ve never seen before. It was hard to adjust and get the right fits in. Once we made the right adjustments in the second half, we settled down and stopped them for the most part.”


On how Cal slowed Portland State down:|
“That’s a good football staff there, and they made some adjustments. The plays were still out there. We made the plays in the first half, and for whatever reason we missed some of those plays in the second offensively. I’m proud of us – 553 yards, holy smokes.”

On playing a team of Cal’s caliber:
“We’re DI too. We have a lot of players that have a lot of pride, who had chances to be at a bunch of different places but chose to be at Portland State. It wasn’t their last option. We have a lot of pride in the way we go about our business. I told them what was obvious – they had an opportunity to win and fell short, but to use it as motivation for what we can be, and make sure we don’t plateau.”

On Jared Goff:
“He’s going to be a star, and I think that’s obvious. They’re going to give him a lot of opportunities to throw the football because he’s a big guy, and he’s mobile enough to buy some time with his feet, which bit us in the butt a couple of times on third down. He’s going to be a star.”

On Portland State’s defense:
“It’s a team game. We did so much silly stuff – guys miscommunicating, one guy going down here, one guy going down there – but they kept fighting. It is a team game. Our offense is really what kept us in it in the first half and our defense kept us in it in the second half. Special teams was solid and kept Cal on their toes, but unfortunately we made one too many mistakes and it cost us the chance to win it.”


Kieran McDonagh, QB

Did Cal make any adjustments tactually?:
“Up front I know they did some things differently. They started pressuring us a little bit more and made us go to our running game. But, we kind of shot ourselves in the foot.

D.J. Adams, RB

Early in the game there seemed to be some really big holes and it sort of tightened up as the game went on. Was it something they did?:
“I would say there were some things they changed up a bit as far as where they were starting the play off. Yea, I would say they changed things up.

Kieran McDonagh, QB

Did you guys come in feeling you could move the ball?
Definitely we came in thinking we were going to win this game. Everyone came in with the same mentality. I definitely thought we had a good chance. We set ourselves up well early, we were just not able to finish.”

D.J. Adams, RB

Some people thought Cal should be favored by a lot, but you guys battled:
“That is what we pride our team on, our fight. We have a bunch of guys who are hungry every week. We came into this game expecting to do the things that we do (well). We just ended up a little bit short.”

Kieran McDonagh, QB

Even though this was a loss, can you take pride in this?
“I definitely say so. The good things we did, as well as the bad things, we’ll be able to build off of. This is (only) game two.”

D.J. Adams, RB

You played a NAIA team last week and moved up to a Division I this week. Were they (Cal) more sophisticated defensively. Did you have to adjust to the speed?
“Not so much. We go up against a strong defense every day. I think our own guys (in practice) give us a good look. The speed might change a little bit…the guys are a little faster. Maybe in the secondary they are faster, but we have some burners as well.”

Kieran McDonagh, QB

Both teams suffered some injuries today, did that hurt your team:
“Yes, it did limit some of our packages we could use. One of our receivers went down and he was one of our better blockers. That did change some of our play calling, but that is football.”



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