Postgame Quotes: California-Colorado

"I think defensively it probably was. We were fired up defensively. Colorado is good. They're very good defensively. They had won a bunch of games in a row. I thought defensively we were very good. Pr
By Cal Athletics on Sat, March 02, 2013

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March 2, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game
"I think defensively it probably was. We were fired up defensively. Colorado is good. They're very good defensively. They had won a bunch of games in a row. I thought defensively we were very good. Priority one was recovery, not let them get points on the run which they do well and they only had two, so that was huge. Second priority was second chance points. They didn't get much there. I thought Kravish was very physical inside. He was hanging in there and they didn't get anything. The third thing was point of attack. We forced them to shoot from deep. They didn't shoot it very well from three, though they did shoot it better from three than they did from two. I think that what became apparent after the game started was that it was going to be physical. I thought our guys adjusted well to that. They didn't really get backed off which was critical and that can happen. Any time we give a team like Colorado to 23 percent you have to be pretty pleased."

On the offense
"Roberson is a very good defender because he's quick enough to defend a quick player and long enough to defend somebody. He takes pride in it. He wasn't going to let Allen get free. Allen had some looks that I think he normally would make. The byproduct of that was when Allen got to the ball it opened up some opportunities for other. When he went in to try to score it they brought a second guy and Allen got it up on the glass and we got some putbacks. There was more to it than just him not getting shots. We worked hard to try to get him shots but we had a difficult time. To everybody's credit we didn't force. Early on it looked like we were just looking for Allen and Justin and then we smoothed out and got the ball to some other people. It got a little dicey when Allen got his third foul in the first half. You had to sit him there. They went right after him in the second half. They went right down to Xavier Johnson in the post in the second half trying to get the fourth and fortunately we didn't get it."

On Tyrone Wallace and Robert Thurman
"Pretty impressive. He [Wallace] kind of got wired in. If you watched him defensively, he was flying around. He was going to the glass and he was flying to his guy. I thought Robert Thurman did the same thing. They were trying to go down to Scott. Robert was sprinting to get down and force him away from the basket. I thought he did a good job. Tyrone was obviously doing a great job. Obviously he got to the basket and he didn't settle for just perimeter shots. He went 8-12 and grabbed 11 boards, that's pretty good."

On securing a top four seed in the conference
"It was goal one. You have subsets of what you want to do. One is to be in the top four. Three weeks ago we were on the outside looking in. Now all of the sudden we've clinched and it gives us a bye, which is critical. It gives us a chance now, depending on circumstances... to win the league."

On the NCAA Tournament
"That's totally out of my hands. We're just trying to have a good year. We're in the process of doing that. Whatever happens, happens."

On the defense
"It has translated to winning. Early on I would say there was a little bit of ... when we shot the ball we defended harder, and when we weren't shooting the ball we tended to get down a little bit and not want to go do the work. One of the things that's really helped us is that by defending we've been getting out on the break more.... Now we're starting to get some layups and runouts... as a result of defending and they're liking that aspect of it."

Sophomore Forward David Kravish

On what changes the team made in order to defeat Colorado
"I think that we have just been doing the same thing that we have been doing over the past couple of weeks. We have been coming out with a lot of energy, we have been playing harder and playing more together as a team and that has been carrying over. They only shot 26 percent and that will win you games."

On the defensive plan for Colorado
"They have Dinwiddie and some great shooters on their team and so our game plan was to minimize them and play hard defense, play the energized defense that we have been playing for the past couple of weeks. I really think that we came out and did that. I was very proud of everyone today, we came out and played great team defense."

On whether he can remember the last time they lost, does it feel like forever ago?
"Arizona State, and yes, but if we had gotten that one then we would be in a different position."

On whether this is the best defensive game they have had this year
"It might have been. We have played some great defensive games this year. It is really reflected in the scores, like against Oregon, where neither team scored above 50 points but this was a great defensive game for us."

On the increase of rebounding in the second half
"We came into halftime really hard and thought we did well on defense but we had to minimize them on rebounding because they had something like seven offensive rebounds at the half and that was too many. Coach got on us about that and we just came out and had to get the ball because they were crashing so hard, we had to get the ball and get out so that [the guards] could do their thing on the breaks.

On the increase of offensive rebounds in the second half, what was the difference?
"Just the energy and Richard [Solomon]. Richard really came out and at the beginning of the second half he had four or five offensive rebounds in a row. Those putbacks really kept us in the game and really kept us going during those timeouts and we were able to sustain the lead. Richard on the glass really helped us there as well as Tyrone and everybody else."

On whether this was the epitome of a team game
"Definitely. Coach came in at the end of the game and said that this was a really great team game for us. Everyone pitched in in some way and it was a fun game. I felt like everyone was really enjoying it. When you can beat a team that has previously had your number , the way we beat them, there is no reason why you shouldn't be having fun."

Freshman Guard Tyrone Wallace

On whether this is the most fun he has had playing all season
"Probably so, I definitely had fun out there. It is fun when you get to go out on the break and everyone is making baskets and you are winning, so I definitely had fun tonight."

On whether he still feels like a freshman or if he is fully integrated in the team
"I definitely have my times. At practice last night I didn't have a great practice and the coaches let me know. I just have to stay positive and continue to keep playing, being aggressive and doing the things that I need to do. I feel like I came out today ready to play and I was really able to help the team."

On the change back to attacking the rim
"I know that my shots were not falling so I had to get to the basket more. The coaches know that I wasn't getting to the basket enough so I have been really trying to drive towards the basket more and make plays. I still take some shots but only when I can't get to the basket."


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