Postgame Quotes: California-Wisconsin

"I can't say I didn't expect a little of this based on the week of practice we had. We just didn't have a very good week of practice. I know Bo Ryan's teams well enough to know what you're going to ge
By Cal Athletics on Mon, December 03, 2012

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Dec. 3, 2012

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MADISON, Wisc. -

California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

Opening statement:
"I can't say I didn't expect a little of this based on the week of practice we had. We just didn't have a very good week of practice. I know Bo Ryan's teams well enough to know what you're going to get when you come here. Virginia came in and beat them and I knew we were going to get them at their best in terms of their physicality. They shot the ball well. They shot it maybe a little better than I would've anticipated across the board. Trying to explain to our guys what might happen and how it was going to be, we emphasized the rebounding, in terms of them sending two or three guys to the board.

Mostly what I'm disappointed about was we lost our poise. We didn't compete. There was a point we turned the ball over a lot and then turned into 25 points off turnovers and you just can't have that. Two things you stress are turning the ball over and not giving up second-chance points. We gave up 43 (second-chance points), so that didn't give us a very good opportunity to win. We had `fumblitis' out there. Those guys couldn't catch any passes. There were some early passes inside that might have led to baskets or some fouls on them, but we couldn't catch the ball and kept dropping the ball. That frustrated us. It kind of all went downhill.

The only thing I can hope is that we learn from this. Kids are kids and they don't always understand how hard you have to play--especially against a Big Ten team here--to get wins. I can say we could've come out and played a whole lot harder and still not won, but I would've liked to seen us compete."

On Sam Dekker jumpstarting the Wisconsin offense:
"Sam is good. He's a good player, there's no question about that. He's the real deal. He could be stretch-four or a three. He's got a really nice stroke and is very, very confident for a freshman. He came in--I think he probably surprised Allen one time--he posted up and Allen got a foul on him. We knew he was a good shooter facing (the basket), but [Wisconsin] also posted him up and they ran a little different wrinkle."

On Wisconsin's shooting performance:

"They shot over 50 percent from the floor. That's not good news for us. They shot the ball really well. Some of it surprised us, frankly. Brust played great. We knew Brust was capable. With a lot of the tape we watched, we saw him miss a lot of shots, but tonight he didn't miss a lot of shots. He got confident and got rolling. They had somebody they could go to it seemed like in Brust. Berggren was their inside and is really a nice player. [Bo Ryan's] teams are smart. They don't make a lot of mistakes, they move the ball well, they have great distribution and spacing."

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On production in the rebounding against California:
"When you shoot around 50 percent or a little better, there's not as many to go get. So we shot the ball better, so that might have been a part of it. It's about positioning. Sometimes it's about the way the ball bounces. Some games some teams shoot flatter shots and there are longer rebounds. Some teams shoot softer shots, so (rebounds) are more around the basket. It isn't a science, it's an opportunistic part of the game. Every shot that's taken is a loose ball, so how many do you get and how many does the other team get? Some nights you're a little better than others."

On Sam Dekker's aggression offensively in the first half:
"He was able to get a couple creases and he's pretty good at finishing around the basket. Other teams that we play take that away. Some teams, because of the way they play, he might get a couple of those--as long as you're finishing strong...Like the possession he drove baseline into two or three guys, that's not what we do. He realized that, so he learned from that...He's just learning. But, he did give us a good spark."

On trouble at the free-throw line and turnovers:
"In a game like this we had more free throws. It's who's shooting them certain times. There are certain guys you want to be at the free-throw line more than others. We led the country that one year, because the right people were getting to the free-throw line and making them. This year, we're not doing as good a job as we need to do. I think on the turnovers some times, if the team is aggressive they also open us up to some easy baskets. Depending on how many points you're scoring--if you have that many turnovers and you're scoring 50-something points, that is a really bad night. You have to take a look at how many assists you had. You have to live with it, because it's already been played. But, if you do that night in and night out against teams who don't extend out that much, no, you can't end up with that many."

On Zak Showalter seeing the floor more:
"He plays the game with a passion, like it matters to him. He wants to make something good happen. He's a spark plug, especially defensively at times. He's still got a lot to learn about the college game...He's a guy that has to give us good minutes. We're in that positon now where he, [Ben Brust], [Traevon Jackson] and [George Marshall] have been playing better some nights than others. Between those four we've got to find guard play. That's just the way it is. They're trying to give it to us."

On defensive effort on the day:
"I thought we did a pretty good job of Cobbs, because he's been scoring like crazy. Crabbe went through that one little stretch, but then, when you're up 20-25 and a guy is firing 3's from 28 feet, I'm going to say, `We don't go out there to foul those guys,' but we did. [Crabbe] was taking a lot of shots down the stretch. He was looking for his. We've just got to guard him. But that one stretch where he hit like three in a row in the first half on the little curl, we weren't getting the exchange we needed to get. I think that's probably because against Virginia we hedged and we broke our rules and the other team got four points. I think we did a better job of sticking with our rules, making a guy make a jump shot rather than a layup or power move at the basket. They have two guys that can score on anyone in the country."


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