Getting to Know: Haley Lukas
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Getting to Know: Haley Lukas

Can you guess this women's soccer freshman defender's hidden talent?
By Cal Athletics on Fri, August 15, 2014

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With 12 freshmen on this year's Cal women's soccer squad, head coach Neil McGuire has plenty of talent to choose from in replacing a number of graduated veteran starters. caught up with the newcomers to hear their impressions so far of the Berkeley campus, as well as find out more about what makes these Bears special! Defender Haley Lukas shares her hidden talent, worst piece of advice and more in this edition of Inside the Lair's "Getting to Know..." spotlight. Why did you choose Cal?

Haley Lukas: I love everything about Cal. I'm kind of a hippie so Berkeley totally fits me. The academics are among the best in the world and I'm lucky enough to keep playing the game I love for a great team with coaches I really like and respect. What are your hobbies outside of soccer?

Lukas: I really enjoy listening to music, running, watching baseball and giving time to my community. I have spent a lot of time involving myself in philanthropic organizations, such as National Charity League, and working with special needs students at my school. It's something that I truly enjoy and have learned a lot from. What’s your favorite part about Berkeley or the Cal campus?

Lukas: It's really hard to pick one thing that's my favorite because what's not to like?! But almost anywhere I am on campus I look up and see the Campanile. It holds great history for UC Berkeley and is just one example of how beautiful and special this campus is. Did you grow up watching Cal Athletics? What is it like to be able to represent the Golden Bears?

Lukas: Cal really caught my attention when I was in middle school. I attended my first Cal football game and had never seen anything like it. Everyone was wearing blue and gold and having a great time. The city was so unique and I could see myself going here. That day I knew Berkeley was where I wanted to go. I'm very blessed to be able to represent the California Golden Bears. I'm excited for all the new experiences that will come my way. What are you planning on or thinking of majoring in, and what are your career goals?

Lukas: I would love to be accepted to the Haas School of Business. My career goals are to attend law school and focus on a career in Sports and Entertainment Law. What class are you most looking forward to this fall?

Lukas: I'm most looking forward to my History and Practice of Human Rights class. It sounds so interesting and I believe that not only will I learn about how far we've evolved in terms of rights, but how much more we can evolve. What characteristic in people do you most admire?

Lukas: I admire people with discipline. It takes a lot of work and strength for people to stay focused on their goals. Even though spending all day watching Cake Boss sounds awesome, we should probably go to practice. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Lukas: "Nothing good happens after midnight."  -Mom What’s the worst?

Lukas: See above. Do you have a hidden talent?  What is it?

Lukas: I'm a pretty good crowd surfer. Hopefully I'll be able to share this talent here in Berkeley. Do you have a nickname – if so, what is it?

Lukas: Too many nicknames. But for some reason a lot of people call me by my Instagram name, "leftylukie." Feel free to follow me. Hahaha. What is your life motto or favorite quote?

 Lukas: "If what you have is different from what you want, you need to change what you're doing." 

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