Kahley Rowell Qualifies for NCAA Championships
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  03/16/2013

March 16, 2013

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - California's Kahley Rowell duplicated her feat of a year ago by qualifying for the NCAA Women's Swimming and Diving Championships with her second-place finish in the platform final at the NCAA Zone E Diving Championships on Saturday at the U.S. Air Force Academy's Cadet Gym. The junior posted a score of 601.60 to take her place among the nine qualifiers heading to the NCAA Championships.

Golden Bear freshman Sara-Lina Boushakra finished in 10th place with a score of 449.60 but did not qualify for NCAAs. The rookie from San Mateo, Calif., had a breakout meet, qualifying for the 12-diver platform final with a score of 220.70. Boushakra finished in 42nd and 43rd place on the one-meter and three-meter springboard, respectively, on the first two days of competition.

Rowell, the platform specialist out of Dove Canyon, Calif., powered through her list, breaking the 600 mark over 10 dives - with five dives each in the preliminary round and the final. Last year, she became the first Cal women's diver to qualify for the national meet in 21 years, and at NCAAs she placed fifth on the platform to earn All-America honors.

"I had kind of a rough time in prelims," Rowell said. "I was fighting my way back in finals. I hit my first three dives really well and got a lead again, and I knew if I got the last two dives vertical I should be good."

She notched a score of 228.90 to place third in the prelim, while Boushakra was 11th with a score of 220.70.

Rowell earned her top score (67.20) in the final with her first dive - a back two and a half somersault with a one and a half twist in the pike position. But her favorite dive in the final was her second - an armstand back two somersault with a one and a half twist in the free position.

"The first dive is my go-to dive," she said. "I can do that every time. The second dive - my armstand - is a new dive for me; I messed up on it in prelims. I was excited to get that one in finals. I needed that to be able to get a spot."

USC's Haley Ishimatsu won the platform crown with a score of 729.85.

The official diving selections for the NCAAs include the following: Rowell, Ishimatsu, Arizona's Samantha Pickens, Arizona State's Hailey Casper and Morgan Weller, New Mexico's Michole Timm, Hawaii's Aimee Harrison, UCLA's Emma Ivory-Ganja and Fresno State's Hannah Prigge.

Cal will chase its third straight national title - and its fourth crown in five years - from March 21 - 23 at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships, held at the IU Natatorium in Indianapolis.

NCAA Zone E Qualifying Championships

March 16, 2013
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Platform Final
1 729.85 Haley Ishimatsu (USC)
2 601.60 Kahley Rowell (Cal)
3 582.15 Hannah Prigge (FRES)
4 563.35 Emma Ivory-Ganja (UCLA)
5 522.45 Kersten Merry (UTAH)
6 514.40 Lillian Hinrichs (STAN)
7 495.35 En-tien Huang (NEV)
8 473.50 Samantha Adams (USC)
9 456.05 Sydney Czaus (ASU)
10 449.60 Sara-Lina Boushakra (Cal)
11 447.85 Genevieve Bradley (HAWA)
12 397.45 Paige Hunt (UIH)

Platform Prelim
1 365.90 Haley Ishimatsu (USC)
2 299.00 Hannah Prigge (FRES)
3 288.90 Kahley Rowell (CAL)
4 282.80 Emma Ivory-Ganja (UCLA)
5 273.55 Kersten Merry (UTAH)
6 250.25 Lillian Hinrichs (STAN)
7 243.15 En-tien Huang (NEV)
8 237.85 Sydney Czaus (ASU)
9 230.15 Genevieve Bradley (HAWA)
10 224.50 Samantha Adams (USC)
11 220.70 Sara-Lina Boushakra (Cal)
12 214.90 Paige Hunt (UIH)
13 211.25 Megan Harper (UNM)
14 208.45 Ashley Herrera (ARIZ)
15 206.55 Natalie Kalibat (USC)
16 205.10 Maraea Skeen (UNLV)
17 204.50 Amy Kilby (SJSU)
18 203.15 Ciera Cortney (BSU)
19 199.55 Gwendolyn Smithberg (NAZU)
20 198.30 Lainie Long (USAF)
21 193.05 Jessica Holden (SJSU)
22 192.95 Anna Steiner (SDSU)
23 191.25 Lexi Pfeiffer (BSU)
24 191.05 Chelsea Jackson (NAZU)
25 190.50 Amanda Fay (UWYO)
26 187.15 Lauren Hall (HAWA)
27 185.40 Hanna Tears (DAVI)
28 179.65 Sara Moldenhauer (UNC)
29 177.90 Mairin Jameson (UIH)
30 174.90 Paige Greely (COSU)
31 172.65 Sasha Andrie (UWYO)
32 166.20 Aimee Harrison (HAWA)
33 163.85 Lucy Lafranchise (DAVI)
34 163.65 Ashley Stott (SDSU)
35 158.70 Dana Gau (DENV)
36 148.65 Michole Timm (UNM)
37 121.50 Audrey Ruiz (NMSU)