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Athletics News - Special Spectators Attend Cal vs. Portland State


Founded in 2002, Special Spectators partners with local hospitals and collegiate and professional sports teams to host extraordinary sporting event experiences for seriously ill children and their families and create a welcome distraction from the difficulties of the illness. The organization started with just two member schools and two events for the 2002 football season and has since grown to include 45 top Division I programs and sporting events spanning beyond football, such as gymnastics and baseball. The Cal group joined the football team for the pregame March to Victory as fans welcomed the Bears to California Memorial Stadium and enjoyed activities at Tailgate Town. Before the game, they received a behind-the-scenes tour of Calís state-of-the-art Simpson Center for Student-Athlete High Performance, including a tour of the football wing and training and medical facilities, plus a special presentation of the teamís pregame hype video. Before the game, the group hung out on the sidelines, where they were able to interact with players, the cheerleaders and Oski, and ran out of the tunnel with the Bears onto the field to watch the coin toss up close before settling in to seats at the Field Club level to enjoy the game.